Zales Jewelers- Three strikes and You're OUT!

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Sep 27, 2017
This is a letter that I sent to the ZALES CEO, I thought. Got no response. Maybe someone out there can help me.
My husband bought me a birthstone ring from Zales Jewelers at Crabtree Mall, Raleigh, NC for Mothers Day 2017. It was too small, so we took it to the store in August (we were out of town much of the summer) for resizing and to add sizing beads to the ring so that it would go over my 8.5 arthritic knuckles with ease, yet fit my size 6 ring finger near my palm. I had a similar ring that I showed them so they would see exactly what I needed.

So far, we have dealt with 3 different people, including the store manager.
The first clerk neglected to add "beads" to the repair ticket when it was sized, so it was way too big for me when we received it. On 8/19/17, repair #5940918, I returned it to the store, and spoke to a second clerk, she said she ordered it correctly after measuring the ring. After a week, a few calls took place between my self and clerk #2, and I learned that the ring was not started after a week or so passed. I suspect the ring never left the store, but have no proof. (They use a local jeweler, I am told, for repairs). Another week or so later, the ring is not back as promised. I told them I would be in to get the ring and forget the repair. I show up on 9/4/17, and the manager, ALVIN EDWARDS, is there, and convinces me he can "make it right" when I told him I was taking it elsewhere. He offered a free repair, done in a week. I reluctantly agreed, and off the ring went. I received a call about 5 days in, while out of town (which I told the manager I would be) and clerk #2 was asking me what price was I quoted for the repair!!! WHAT? The manager (ALVIN) wrote this up, said it would be free to me as a courtesy for all the troubles, and yet, the clerk said out was not written up that way, and needed an estimate. SHE WAS CALLING ME TO CHECK TO SEE WHAT I WAS QUOTED! WHAT? To upcharge me??? My trust is gone, as you can see. I told her ALVIN said it would be gratis, so she said she would approve it and it would be done. I called today (3 days after this last noted phone call) and the ring is STILL being fixed. I spoke to ALVIN and told him I was very unhappy and thought this was very disturbing as a consumer, and that three strikes were a fail. He got very defensive and said " may I remind you I said this was free as a courtesy to you"..... this ANY way to treat a customer. let alone one with so many glitches in the purchasing and repair process????

But wait, it gets better. I go in on 9/9/17 to pick up the "repaired ring" (repair #6012880, only to find that the jeweler DID NOT add the sizing beads but instead decided that a "butterfly" would be a better choice for this ring, without even so much as a call to me to discuss this change. I have never seen a "butterfly" as a sizing tool on a ring, and specifically asked for beads, having shown them (twice!) my diamond ring with said beads so they could see what I wanted! The ring does not fit at all now!! This "butterfly" constricts the ring size where I needed the larger size to fit over my knuckles. This is totally absurd and unprofessional, and now I have a ring that I cannot wear! I was so fed up that I told Alvin I wanted the ring and did not want him to work on it any more. He offered to redo it again, but truly, how can anyone think that I would waste any more of my time, making additional trips back and forth to the mall, patience, or respect on this store!!

As the ZALES CEO, I need your help. This manager has a very poor communication style, and unprofessional attitude toward paying customers. The order was never placed correctly, each visit to the store required that I tell and re-tell this story over and over, clerks followed different protocols to accomplish a task, communication among employees there was non-existent, and the store manager even admitted that the jeweler should have contacted him or myself to get approval lfor this "butterfly" repair that was not wanted.

I am so very disappointed in ZALES.... This was our first purchase with your company. I have no idea what the next step will be to resolve this, but know that I cannot and will not work with this store at Crabtree Valley Mall ever again. Please advise me at your earliest convenience as to your position on this matter.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Oh, this is SO frustrating, Joanne! I have never understood how some retail stores manage to stay in business. They seem clueless, uncaring, incompetent ... but they "try" hard. It's quite absurd. I remember an independent jeweler in Alexandria MN where I purchased 4 pastel stones and wanted them set as a "slider" pendant to wear with some earrings I already had. The owner (yes, not a chain), told me he knew just how to do it and really enjoyed designing jewelry. I was there for another three weeks, so he said I could pick it up just before I left Minnesota.

I was appalled to see what he had done to my design. It was nothing like my sketch or our conversation, I can't imagine what he was doing. Like a fool, I paid for it and have worn it once. It is there in my jewelry box as a reminder to never try to get anything accomplished with a retail jeweler. Quite impossible ... like they're in retail because they're unqualified for any other job.

I would hope that Zales is able to respond to your request ... it's quite simple, isn't it? If you don't know how to create what the customer wants, don't pretend that you can do it. I predict that Zales will make this right for you somehow. As we always advise, patience and persistence will pay off ... eventually.
Mar 17, 2015
Joanne, how long ago did you send the e-mail, you need to give them a week to respond. Did you move up the corporate chain, or just e-mail the CEO? You should start at the lowest executive, write your letter (shorten it up as well), and wait a week in between each executive.