WOW Airlines gets out of the LA market

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Jan 28, 2019
WOW decided to get out of the LA market. They have contacted me as a ticketholder to tell me my future flight was canelled. What reimbursement should I be entitled to in addition to the return of my costs for the flight? They have offered to a full refund of my flight, and if I would accept a credit on WOW, an additional bonus, which I will NOT be accepting; and they offered a trip from Detroit to KEF, but said I was responsible for getting connecting flights to Detroit. . IF I had accepted the flight from Detroit, they would only return to me the difference between the current cost of that flight and my original and discounted flight from LA. They have refused to pay for or arrange the connecting flights.
The original flight was a nonstop flight from LAX to KEF ( Iceland).

Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
If they notified you more than 14 days prior to the flight, all they owe you is a refund of your tickets. If the notification was less than 14 days, you may be able to claim compensation under European Regulation EC261.

WOW is having financial difficulties. You may want to consider booking with another airline.


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
I'd take the full refund from WOW and book a completely new ticket on another airline.
WOW, a tiny airline, generates more complaints on than giants like Amazon, Amex, Walmart, ATT, & Hertz. If you have any prepaid reservations at your destination, you want to avoid WOW like the plague. They might never get you to your destination, or get you there many days or a week late. If you can afford to get there days late without losing your prepaid hotel/tour/car etc then you can try WOW.

As others have suggested, take the refund ASAP and book on a real airline (not Norwegian, which has the same issues as WOW) before fares go up.