Would appreciate advice on how to approach 31 hour delay with Condor Airlines

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Aug 18, 2018

I was pointed to this site by a friend who upon hearing my ordeal said I could find the information and help I needed here.

I was scheduled to fly on Condor Airlines flight DE 2033 from Seattle to Frankfurt on 8/17/18 original departure at 1805. As of this posting, the current estimated departure time from Seattle is 0100 8/19/18. on 8/17/18 at 1600 when I arrived to check in, I along with all other passengers, were informed that our aircraft had not yet departed from Frankfurt because of mechanical troubles, and that the flight was to be rescheduled for 8/18/18 at 1300. Never received a call/email/alert that this had happened. We were also all told that the counter would be open at 1000 8/18/18 and that we could check in then. When asked about the reimbursement via EU261 for delays greater than 3 hours, I encountered blank looks and was given a information sheet stating our rights. Funny enough, on that information sheet, it clearly stated that we would be entitled to a refund of some amount given the length of delay. We were offered hotel accomadations, but since I live in Seattle I declined at the time.

This morning, again make my way to the airport to arrive at counter at 0900, and already there is a line. As we attempt to check in, we are now told that in fact the flight will not be till 0100 8/19/18, because of crew rest regulations, and how there needs to be 10 hours between shifts or something like that. Again, no emails, calls, texts, or alerts to let us know that this occurred. Again, no idea about the reimbursement. Again offered hotel which I declined again.

I'm writing to ask the collective wisdom of the forum, what my next steps should be and what I should document and how.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Keep a careful running timeline in writing(as you are doing) and preserve any boarding passes you receive. Condor is one of a host of low-fare airlines that do not have flexibility for mechanical issues or crew back-up; they don't have another plane or crew to send.
You should be eligible for EU261 compensation. You may want to wait until you actually complete your travel (if this is the first leg of your trip) as you may have issues on the return. The online reviews of Condor are generally poor (1-2/10). http://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/condor-airlines/
At least it sounds like the plane and crew are in Seattle now.
Sep 19, 2015
Once you arrive file Eu 261 claim online


EU 261 is not reimbursement, it is compensation for the delay -- just so you get the terminology right so the airline does not play dumb. I can understand wanting to stay at home rather than a not so great hotel.

When things mess up on these low cost carriers they can really mess up because of the bare bones staff and minimal infrastructure.

Does Condor have text notifications or any way to check status online?

The OP's experience is one of the reasons I have never booked on Condor, WOW, or Norwegian.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Weihlac has nailed it, just follow the advice. This is a nasty way to learn that booking the cheapest tix is not always a good deal. I hope you are getting close to departure by now. And next time, book tix on a real airline, the cost savings is just not worth this kind of annoyance.