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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I am so sorry to read your story. I too live with a man who sometimes goes off the deep end and would rather fight than think. So far the amounts of money involved have not been large. My colleagues are right, if you cancel his credit card before the charge goes through, they can come after him for fraud. Do you live in a community property state? Perhaps the contract is not enforceable without your signature?

These kinds of things are a total scam, and whoever runs them knows how to skate right along the edge of the law. And if they go over the line, they just close up shop and move to another project. If you can't afford a lawyer, perhaps the Attorney General can help.
Jan 21, 2019
Well..they said they were running my husbands credit with Monterey Financial. The guy came back and patted my husband on the shoulder and said "your in". I was surprised because his credit isent good. After our ruined honeymoon/vacation to Hawaii..we got home and got a denial letter from Monterey Financial
That we were denied because my husband is under 18 yes old. NOT TRUE-My husband is 48. The letter further stated that if this company gave package to us anyway then its probley in-house financed and Monterey would take care of it this way. Well...financed at 17.9%. I believe they wanted my husband denied so they could charge high interest and make even more money off us. Monterey should have known that you can only go to presentation if you are 18 or above and they would see his birth date off drivers license. My husband was never told in-house finance at all. He never signed for that either. He would have said NO once Monterey denied him. I think this is fraud right there

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
It depends on what your contract reads. What does the contract state about financing and credit reports?

Many time share operators are pure scammers and they will do whatever they need to do to lock you into a contract, good credit or not. The key is the contract and what it states.