Wi-Fi Problem between Alaska Airlines & Go Go Air

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Jan 9, 2019
After years of great Wi-Fi on Virgin America, I am having great problems on Alaska Airlines. I used to get about 6 hours of work done flying from Philly to San Francis. Now I can't get access to GoGo on the flight. Alaska's instructions on board say to contact Go Go Air or Virgin America. When I did, I kept getting frantic messages that this was not a legit website. Finally, when I reached Go-Go customer service, it said Go Go's passes can't be used on this flight. It is very confusing ... and maddening.

What's your desired resolution? I would like Alaska and GoGo to get their stories straight. I think the traveling public is getting screwed here. I could not work all the hours on m my flight, and Alaska offers me a pass. I have tried to use them in the past when I had problems and finally gave up. I finally got an answer from Alaska that says they are retrofitting their Airbus flights and there is no way of knowing which provider: Go Go or ViaSat will be the provider until you get on the flight. I for one do not want to be putting my credit card info into a public Wi-Fi system. By the way, I have screen grabs of most of my bad experience on my recent flight.

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 19

Date of transaction/travel date: 12/20/2018 Alaska Air Wifi screen instructions.jpg GoGo not the provider.png


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I consistently have problems with GoGo in flight - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t depending on the airline. If you didn’t get what you paid for, you should get a refund.

If you didn’t get the service, did you request a refund? If you did and they refused, call your credit card company.
Sep 19, 2015
Alaska and the former Virgin America are still being integrated.

Certain former Virgin planes used ViaSat.

Alaska is changing over to gogo but the process will not be complete until 2020.

This information is not hidden and is on the Alaska website:


Until the change over is complete to GoGo in 2020 it will be a gamble to buy a pass in advance especially on an A320 or A321, the old Virgin fleet.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I totally understand where you're coming from, Jim. You had a wonderful working protocol that allowed you to be productive in the air. You were very lucky to have good connection with Virgin. But it's gone, that's all there is to it. If you look at mergers in the recent past, Delta/Northwest, Continental/United for instance, it takes forever to smooth it all out. I think that airline management believes whatever the ISP tells them, they pass it along to their customers and customers can't make it work. The airline refunds their money, end of story.

I've tried the internet on United several times over the years, it never worked well, so I never got in the habit of using it during the trip. It was just a matter of re-arranging the work so I had things to finish that didn't need internet. You'll need to do that too, perhaps flying in a day early to hole up in a hotel and work on projects ... whatever it takes. You might try FlyerTalk to see if one of the airlines does have reliable internet, there's probably a forum on it.

Barry Graham

Staff Member
Jan 7, 2015
Gogo has excellent customer service, I have no doubt that if you were to contact their support they would accommodate any reasonable request for a refund.
Dec 26, 2014
From Alaska:
"Better inflight Wi-Fi is on its way. We're launching a new, satellite-based Wi-Fi service from Gogo, which will let you stream, browse, and chat from gate departure to gate arrival. The new service will debut in April 2018, and gradually expand to our entire Boeing and Airbus fleet by the end of 2020."

Out of the 241 planes in the fleet in December only 7 have been upgraded. The upgrade will allow connectivity when AS flies over Canada and over to Hawaii. As others have stated, contact GoGo for a refund.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Gogo has excellent customer service, I have no doubt that if you were to contact their support they would accommodate any reasonable request for a refund.
I don't think a refund is Jim's problem. He wants to be productive on cross-country flight and that requires internet connectivity. On Alaska, it's a waiting and hoping game.