Whirlpool defective control board, dishwasher only lasted 2 weeks!

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Dec 15, 2017
Hi to all--

We bought Whirlpool dishwasher WDT730PAHZ

On 11/3/18

Sent it to the port in Ft. Lauderdale for further shipment to Turks and Caicos

I had it installed in TCI on Nov 25. I went to TCI strictly to receive and install this. I Understand the warranty is nulled if out of the country, but even if it’s a know defective part?

Worked for 2 weeks

Saturday Dec 8th I had my handyman find out the control board was dead, I needed to order a new control board to fix it (he said easy repair)

Control board is item #W11170192 REV A
S/W W111255930W (I Think that’s what it says? I’ve attached a snapshot)

We spoke to Brian in Tennessee at Whirlpool parts manager. He said we could no longer get that control board as it is defective and being replaced with part

#P/N W11305308

Or any other control board might be compatible?

They’re in the process of replacing all defective ones, but new control board not in until mid-January

He said because we sent it to TCI, they will not send it out free. I understand loosing the warrantee once it leaves the country, but it’s a known defective part being replaced. He said it must be installed by a certified technician. I just want the part.

A $450 dishwasher turned into $1200 and they won’t send me a small part I need when it lasted 2 weeks?

If the new control board works, I’m willing to sign I’m good with it and would consider it settled.

I would not be this way had Brian not told us the part is defective….

I've sent this to Whirlpool customer service. On the phone I was rejected, but will email and start paper trail. Lowes where I bought it is actually trying to get me the part on her end (extra point for Lowes!) but if I don't hear back from Whirlpool regular customer service, I'm going up the chain in order of contacts.

Am I out of line for thinking even with nullified warantee if known it's a defective part they should send me replacement part? I'm not even asking for money back yet or considering a charge back (yet) . I have receipts of everything, and parts #s showing you can't get the control board again and replacement number.

Any thoughts to word better or try be whole again?

Thanks to all---


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
Since they have admitted to you that they can not supply the part because it is defective and they are replacing it with one that hopefully works, they certainly owe you a free replacement part. They sold you a product that they knew was defective when sold. They can send the part to you and you can send it to your repairman.

Here are the Whirpool contacts: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/whirlpool/
If you do not get a positive response from what you have done so far, email the first cust serv person on the list with your claim. Do not attach anything to your emails until/unless they request same. If no/negative response, move up the list weekly.

Lowes may come through for you. They have been very responsive in my experience in a similar situation where they replaced an air conditioner without question without my having to deal with the manufacturer. It was under the manufacturer's warranty but Lowes took back the defective one and gave me a new one (which worked).

Do not talk to them on the phone unless they call you to say the new part is on the way. Make ALL of your communications via email. If you try to get them to send the part out of the country they will balk and cause more delays. If they send the part to you that is a success.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I agree, official docs aside, you are not out of line expecting a new appliance to work, no matter where it's installed. But I'm confused ... if the replacement part won't be available until January, what are you looking for? A commitment to send it to you when it's available?

Or are we looking at a bigger picture ... Whirlpool sends techs out to do these kinds or repairs but can't come to TCI ... so you want the part and will install it? You will agree to not look to Whirlpool for help in the future. I can see this as an easy problem to solve ... unless you're a big corporation. Nobody will take the time to figure this out and agree to an exception of their policy. I would ask Lowes to help and if they cannot assist, go after Whirlpool. You write well, keep it short and polite.
Dec 15, 2017
Sorry for confusion

They're saying because of me sending it to Turks and Caicos they won't send me the part, that I would have to buy it.

They're wiping their hands of a defect product. I can't buy a new "existing" part board because they say they are defective and being replaced with new part.

Yet they want me to pay $200 to fix a defected machine?

I'm only asking for the part. They won't send it because they say a certified tech has to install due to liabilities. Yet they can charge me for a part that was defected that only lasted 2 weeks, that I can't replace because they no longer sell the known defected part?

Hope this helps clear up

Dec 15, 2017
Neil, no damage during shipping.

When I called about the original replacement part the parts manager Brian said they no longer sold the part because it’s defective.

This same defective part is being replaced by a new part

According to Whirlpool parts customer service it’s a known defective part.

Came from CS not me.

So why would Brian day can’t buy replacement because it’s known defective?


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
Hm. Do you have a friend in the US that they could send the new part to, and then your friend could send it to you on the island, if they refuse to mail it internationally?
Likes: LDVinVA
Dec 15, 2017
Update: (or not) Lowes couldn't do anything for me either. They say they have to send a technician, which of course won't happen to T&C.

My biggest complaint is I can't even get the replacement part as it's discontinued because it's defective. That should be enough to send me the new replacement part for free!

I started an email trail, of course crickets. Before I go down the list of contacts, I'm writing a review on Whirlpool.com and Facebook. I've notice customer service notices this and tends to open a case number. After that I'll go down the list of contacts 1 per week.

Am I out of line? I was going to buy the replacement board when Whirlpool told me it was defective and being replaced! My machine shouldn't have lasted only 3 weeks because of a known defective part! Even if I took it out of the country--Whirlpool told me because the part was known defective and discontinued.

All I want is the part to try to make me whole again!

Or anyway Elliott considers stepping in? If yes I can attach my receipts and copies of emails and reviews sent.

Dec 15, 2017
Next Update:

Never heard back from customer service, so emailed the first contact on list on Wed. Heard nothing yet, so Wed will send email to next contact. Third one, CEO, is the last.

1 question, I noticed on Whirlpool.com and Whirlpool Facebook page, bad reviews do get work #s to them--Nothing like social media? Should I write reviews on both or wait until CEO contact in 2 weeks?

Thank you!
Sep 19, 2015
I would wait with the social media post until after using all the contacts.

Also one has to give a little more time for a response this time of year as many offices are closed Monday and Tuesday for Christmas.
Likes: Neil Maley
Dec 15, 2017
When does a $430 dishwasher turn into $2500?
I wrote to last person on list, never got a response from anyone. It's been 10 days since I wrote the CEO. Nothing, nada, not even a letter saying won't do it.

So when is a defective dishwasher that the mother board died after only 2 weeks, is it okay that Whirlpool wipes their hands clean of this? I broke down and bought a new dishwasher (not Whirlpool) because it's been 4 months with everyone ignoring me!

Do I write reviews? At what point how much compensation do I ask? Originally was going to settle for the defective mother board ($200) but if I got a lemon of a dishwasher, should I get my $430 back?

Please advise of the next step!

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If you have written to all of the executives, go back to the help screen and resubmit a request, saying you went up the executive chain and haven't received a response. The writers will see if they can do anything for you.