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What is the "senior" check box for on airline reservation pages

Jan 16, 2020
I thought your readers may find the following experience of interest.

I had always wondered what the "senior" check box was for on airline reservation websites because I've never seen a difference in fares anytime I've booked a flight and checked that box.

That is until now, when my wife (who is 64) was charged $6 more for her flight than I was (I'm 65).

It turns out that they are building a new terminal at PTY, and it was for the "Panama Airport development fee" and was $12 for her and $6 for me.

But in getting this answer from United, they discovered that the threshold for this fee discount was actually age 55, not age 65.

It seems Panama may have been getting more money than they expected from those aged 55-64.

My wife was refunded the $6.

My thanks goes to the honest Customer Service Rep, who I could easily have believed if he said the discount started at age 65.