Wells Fargo

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Sep 19, 2018
Would like to reach out to CEO of Wells Fargo - but want to ensure that he receives the communication. Understood that Wells Fargo has done terrible things to customers - but in my opinion, my situation is impossible, immoral, despicable and unconscionable. Any tips?
Sep 20, 2018
You do not have any way of ensuring that he personally gets whatever you send, short of actual formal legal service.

Not even Certified Mail Restricted Delivery will do it. (You can fill out a form delegating somebody else to pick up your mail sent Restricted Delivery.)
Sep 19, 2015
CEOs tend to have a lot of gatekeepers; it may be a challenge to find a direct channel where one is certain that the correspondence is not handled by someone else.
Sep 27, 2017
First, you do not describe your situation.

If this is a customer service issue, please follow the link weihlac mentioned for Wells Fargo contacts. Specific advice is to write the lowest person on the contact list first, give them a week to respond, then move up the list. Be polite and persistant. Leave out emotions and stick to details. If there are a lot of details to mention, use bullet points. If you want to write the letter and post it here first, the people on the forum can help edit.

Also, contact WF by email only. You want to create a paper trail from now on.

If this is more of a hard legal issue, you may be better off reporting to authorities (banking regulators, your state's attorney general's consumer fraud dept, etc.)

If you are unsure, please post here what the issues are and members here will help guide you.