Washington or British Columbia ?

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Nov 15, 2016
Thanks everyone , I'm taking everyone's options into consideration and while I do find it cheaper , I'd just prefer not to be mislead. I'd like to show everyone my flight irteniary but I can't from my mobile phone. And yes I'm trying to go to Vancouver, BC


I personally don't see anything misleading. The initial selection screen list it both ways (in alphabetical order). Once you start the booking process it list it as Bellingham, WA / Vancouver, BC. They don't fly from many of the major airports, but outlying ones where the cost is cheaper. This is why they list them this way.
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Sep 1, 2015
It's common for ultra-low cost airlines to use outlying airports. The airports are underserved, the city and airport authorities are keen to get air service, and costs such as landing fees and leases in the terminal are cheaper than Big City Megaport.

Somewhat misleading, yes, but OTOH many cities worldwide have airports that are farther from city center than BLI is from Vancouver. Also, many cities have multiple airport choices (there are 5 airports in the LA Metro area)....so as a travel consumer you do bear some responsibility to research the geography of your destination and work your airport choice into your itinerary if you want to DIY. As @Neil pointed out, a travel agent can do the "heavy lifting" too.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Again, it goes back to understanding what you are booking. Seeing Washington in the name should have been a red flag at time of booking. It shouldn't even mention Vancouver.

Unfortunately, she is stuck with it and now has to find the best way to get to Vancouver. Thank goodness she realized it now and came here rather than getting a big surprise when she arrived at the airport.
Look - @Savannah Richardson -0 what does the website trip planner say?

It doesn't SAY Vancouver - what it says is Vancouver / Bellingham [BLI].

What did you think it meant when it listed two cities? It was going to both Vancouver and Bellingham? Did you look at a map? did you know where the two cities are in relation to each other? Is this a case you did not know what you were actually buying and you never checked?

There were tons of hints there that you were not actually going to YVR - but - apparently - you just assumed you were because you did not inquire.

Was it misleading - yes - it was. Do you want your money back? What did you get? A $75 ticket?

Just trying to understand what evil you want to be prevented from suffering.

Because I'd bet a ticket to YBR might cost you $150-175 each way. . ..so you've got $100 in your pocket and are going to spend a few $$ to get all the way to the city. . .

Personally, I'd check into Amtrak - pretty reasonable and gets you right into the center of the city . . . . its $12 each way . . . I'd check into the safety record of the Boltbus anyway. You think Allegiant skimps on maintenance? Check out the bus folks.
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May 17, 2016
When you choose Vancouver to book, it states this:

Vancouver, BC / Bellingham, WA (BLI)

Honestly after looking at the website, this is very misleading of Allegiant to even show this as Vancouver because it doesn't fly to Vancouver. And I couldn't find anything on the website that states that you need to get a transfer or some other way to get to Vancouver.
That is peculiar. Seems as if they say they'll fly you anywhere, but it actually is to the nearest city they serve, which may or may not be all that close.
Jul 4, 2016
NE Tennessee
My wife and I used Allegiant Air for a round-trip flight to Orlando. The cost of the flight was quite a bit less than any other carrier. And yes, we did not fly into the main Orlando airport. We flew into the Sanford airport.

When we made our decision, we factored in the additional fees we would need for transportation to and from Sanford (transportation in and out of Orlando International was provided by the hotel and such).

I can well see how someone using Allegiant Air for the first time may get confused a bit over their use of "secondary" airports. However, I don't know if I would conclude that they were in fact mislead.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Savannah, there is not much that the airline can do. They can't change the airport, that's the closest airport to Vancouver. What you need to do is figure out how you are going to get to Vancouver now.

I am not certain what you expect them to do at this point. You booked the flight and it's your responsibility to know what you are booking. The time to question it was when you booked and saw Vancouver and Washington on your airport choice.

If you think it's misleading you might want to direct a complaint to the Department of Transportation.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
That is peculiar. Seems as if they say they'll fly you anywhere, but it actually is to the nearest city they serve, which may or may not be all that close.
This little trick was started by a couple of European discount airlines, I think. It seems to work to get people to pop for the lowest price, so the business model is obviously morphing around the world. Just another proof that booking on the internet is not for everyone ... you absolutely must develop an intense interest in every single fact presented, and double-check them all.
@Savannah Richardson, I'm struck by the coincidence that your namesake airport in Savannah, GA often confuses people. Its designator is SAV but it's always referred to as "Savannah - Hilton Head International Airport." However, there is also a small airport on Hilton Head Island (HHH) and I've heard stories of several people who thought they'd be landing at one and ended up at the other. It's always good to double check your destination but I can understand how you may have been misled.