"Walmart stole my money"

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Dec 10, 2016
Well not really...They technically have fraudulently "borrowed" it. I mad a purchase online at Walmart.com.
Used a new credit card with cash rewards. Immediately got an email saying the order was canceled because they "couldn't" verify card and/or address information. I checked the bank and saw no charge so I verified the information and tried to process the order again. Repeat steps again. I call Walmart they assure me no charges were made because the order was canceled. I check my bank. A charge is now pending. I call my bank, 3 charges are pending. I call Walmart we can't do anything..........."by the way if you add a new card to your account, make a purchase, when it gets canceled call us so we can let the website know that card is one you intend to use." Seriously, what kind of junk is this?

So now I've been given the transaction authorization codes to reverse the charges (but not before they actually post). It takes 24-48 hours for this to happen. They can almost immediately put a hold on my money but it takes days to release the funds that were ill-gotten. And we pay for this service. Has anyone ever considered holding anyone accountable for this?
I personally would like to be able to charge them for the time they have my money. Not interest, actually what my time is worth. In my mind an hour of my time is worth $54.04. The 2 are interchangeable. I work an hour, I get $54.04. They hold my money hostage for an hour they should owe me the $932.04 plus $54.04. Maybe then they would make sure their IT and financial processes were a little better. I mean in an age where we can stream 4KUHD movies, we can transfer money in the form of 1's and 0's instantaneously. Time for the banks and businesses to stop taking the consumer for granted.

Raymond Babbitt was wrong #WALMART SUCKS
Done ranting/whining


Are you using a debit card or a credit card?

When you attempt to make a purchase, an authorization is normally made to ensure the funds are available. Once the purchase is complete, the merchant will post the transaction against the authorization (which holds the funds). If the merchant doesn't post the transaction within the time period allotted by the bank/credit card company, it will release the authorization hold. (this could be several days depending on the banks policy).

When using a credit card, this isn't a big issue as it is just holding your ability to charge that amount of credit. When using a debit card, it will actually hold the money in the account. This is normal and happens all the time with a variety of business. This is one reason you should only use a credit card for these type of transactions.

Also using a debit card like a credit card opens you up to the potential of a fraudulent transaction causing issues with the money in your account.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
He used a new credit card.

While I understand your logic, Hank, WalMart is not Saks Fifth Avenue. I don't think you can hold a deep-discount retailer to the same customer service standards as a high-end store. This isn't fair, but it's logical. If WalMart spent the same money as Saks for customer service people and IT systems, they wouldn't be able to offer rock-bottom prices.
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Our entire financial system is based on pre authorizations and holds, even when you use your checking account. When you receive an ACH payment/direct deposit/pay a bill, the cash doesn't just instantly appear somewhere else. A system of holds, verifications, etc occurs.

Walmart does not have the funds you see as pending/pre-authorized. It has simply confirmed that you have the funds. While you can't use them, neither can Walmart so it does not earn interest.

More importantly, available funds on a credit card are not yours anyway. Those are funds you hope to borrow from the card issuer.