Walmart really DID steal my money

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Mar 29, 2017
On March 18, 2017 - post dated March 20th - I made an online purchase from for two items at a total cost of $288.19.

The first item - a highchair - shipped and arrived on March 22nd along with a microwave I never ordered.

That same morning I checked my bank account and an additional charge of $110.74 had been withdrawn from my bank account. When I contacted Walmart I was told this was an authorization hold and I explained they were already holding money for that item. They had essentially charged me twice. This second hold put my bank account into overdraft.

On March 23rd I spoke to a customer service rep on the phone who informed me they haven't found the item in their warehouse yet. Basically they were repeatedly taking out authorization holds to buy themselves time to find the item.

On March 24th they returned the original $288.19 as the authorization hold on it expired, they then withdrew the $177.45 for the cost of the highchair. This then brought us back to square one as Walmart then only had one payment of $110.74 for the as yet unshipped bistro set.

I knew that each authorization hold would only last 5 business days and that if Walmart still couldn't find the item their next move would be to put on another authorization hold come Monday or Tuesday.

Low and behold, Monday March 27th they took out yet another authorization hold. Once again putting me into overdraft. I went to my bank and put a stop payment on their latest withdrawal, in hopes of spurring them into action with their one remaining day on the previous hold. They could either finally ship the order or cancel it.

A few hours later Walmart finally sent me a receipt for the bistro set. I immediately called customer service to confirm that it was shipping and that no more authorization holds would be taken. I was so excited!

Until I realized that Walmart had cleverly - or not - attached the tracking number from the unordered microwave. Now Walmart insists I received my bistro set on the 22nd afterall and refuse to cancel my order and refund my money. I paid $110.74 for an $82 microwave I never ordered.

What do I do now?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If they never shipped the bistro set and you have emails from them with dates showing that you were still questioning them on the 23 as to when it was going to be shipped how can they say that's what you received?

Do you have a Walmart within driving distance you can bring the microwave back to? If not tell them to send you a prepaid shipping label to ship the microwave back and file a credit card dispute for the bistro set.

Did your initial conversation say you received an un ordered microwave when the bistro set was still on back order? This is just bizarre.

We should have company contacts for Walmart on our company contacts page. Send a letter to Customer Service and hubs rhem a week to fix it. If they don't. Write to the first executive shown. Give them a week to reply and if necessary repeat weekly going up the executive chain till you get to the top. Let us know how you make out.
Feb 9, 2016
What did they say to you when you initially told them that you errantly received a microwave along with your high chair?
Aug 28, 2015
New York
Dani, to clarify, you purchased a highchair for 177 and a bistro set for 110 @288. Walmart withdrew 288, however sent the wrong item by mistake. The new item happened to be slightly cheaper. Why would this overdraft your account? Items usually ship separately anyway, sometimes even from the same category, which these were not.

Re: the microwave, give Walmart a quick call and tell them to email you a prepaid return label and they are free to arrange FedEx/UPS pickup within the week. Otherwise you will toss it. In the interim, tell them to send the bistro set. The microwave must a receipt and a sticker with item numbers, etc.

There is no way on earth I would schlep a microwave I didn't order somewhere other than the recycling room of my building.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
If this weren't so annoying, Dani, it would be amusing. Make a list of exactly what happened, keep it concise and be polite. Show it to someone and see if they understand your explanation. If your list is complete, submit it to WalMart and ask them to straighten it all out, refund you any bank fees or other expenses, and give you a $25 gift certificate for your trouble. They are a huge company but they need to run their back office more efficiently ... they can't do this to their customers. Mistakes happen, but you do not have to suffer for their errors. Please come back with any questions or concerns that we might assist you with.