Walmart Pharmacy

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Dec 30, 2017
I was informed at the time of purchase/pick-up, the cost of my monthly medication increased due to it's manufacturing being done in Puerto Rico. I checked the Walmart Pharmacy online comparison site and no where is this piece of info reflected. The cost increase is not significant to me, still I was unhappy at the way it was handled.
I would like to see some sort of notification made by Walmart so, if needed, patients can explore other options for their pharmaceutical needs..

Date of transaction/travel date: 2017-12-30
Feb 9, 2016
#3 is a pharmaceutical coupon store.

Go there, type in your perscription, dosage, zip code, and it will show you the price you can get if you fill the script outside of your medical plan, and use their coupon. Sometimes it's cheaper to use the coupon, then to pay your Co pay.

I've done it and saved.
Dec 30, 2017
Neil, sas80, Kitkat- Firstly, thanks everyone for your responses.

This is a prescription I have had at Walmart for at least 18 months. I’ve been prescribed the medication for at least 30 years.

Walmart Pharmacy has a site comparing costs by different pharmacies (CVS, Costco, GoodRx, etc.), for specific dosages and amounts of common medications. I chose them due to theirs being the lowest cost, so transferring my prescription to another pharmacy wouldn’t have been helpful. The site also offers coupons for certain medications. Mine is such a generic, often prescribed medication, a coupon isn’t offered. As a matter of fact, my health insurance was never used because Walmart’s price beat it!

I guess my issue is this; in this automated world, auto refill by phone or computer should be updated with the information, especially where increase is involved. By phone, the plastic lady who gives instructions and repeats back your requests could say something like “Oh btw, certain medications you purchase (especially on a regular basis) may cost more than usual because the plant supplying us was blown away by a hurricane”. Or a red “Breaking News” banner on the computer site stating the same information. But most certainly, the comparison site to which Walmart directs one, must be updated.

And, if a consumer does this old school and talks to a human being, the information would be supplied at the time of the call.

I am lucky-I can pay the extra $14.00 without concern, but others might not. I think it’s a matter of common sense and common consideration.
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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
What you can do is use our company contacts we have on top of our page and write to the Walmart Executives and suggest they do that. But what you need to also provide is a solution to HOW this can be done, since the automated systems merely confirm your prescription number, not the actual drug itself.

But you aren’t the only one in this predicament. Look at all the people that use Epi pens and had the cost go up 6x and became unaffordable I 2016? I am not sure how a pharmacy can have any type of automated system that would advise you that happens. You are simply refilling a prescription number- the phone doesnt know what drug you are refilling- it just knows the price.

If you complain- you need to tell them Executives how was hey can adapt the phone system to know what drug is associated with the prescription number AND to be able to compare the price to the cost you paid last- which seems a nearly impossible task that would cost a fortune in IT costs.
Sep 19, 2015
There have been reports in the news about potential shortages of medications because of factories being closed in PR -- some of the factories had back up generators but workers could not get to the factories.

I have to agree with Neil, that is would be almost impossible to have an automated system alert that the price has gone up -- there are also issues such as private insurance copays changing, or policies changing, and it would be hard to include all of the variables into a program.
Jun 27, 2017
I also have a prescription at Walmart for Levothyroxine, one of the generic drugs made in Puerto Rico. Our Walmart posted a notice at every service window at their pharmacy saying the price for a 90-day supply was $24 (instead of the usual $15 for me; $10 for my neighbor who uses the same medication). Some of the pharmaceutical plants are somewhat operational, but not 24/7/365. The island is still without power in many places and electricity is spotty and intermittent at best - even with generators.