Walmart false advertisement and prices

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Nov 25, 2018
Hello, I am very very dissatisfied about the service Walmart provided and the false advertisements which should be followed by every store. The ad said until it ran out. This Walmart didn’t make an effort to show any sympathy about it! I am talking about the location in Ventura, California, 93003. First of all one sales rep gave me the wrong game I purchase for my cousin. I was getting cod4, online it said 38$ so I thought it was the right game but once I notice it wasn’t! I went back the next day and got my refund. The exchange lady, young Latina women was very rude saying we don’t match prices.... but the ad was the Black Friday deals were going
until Saturday night
! Anyways the white short headed gentleman at the electronics department was far by the worst. I showed him the online price and he said he couldn’t match it because of some codes but wasn’t making sense. So I order it online to pickup at the store for 38.... on the same day. So I go back in and say my game is ready he said no not until the first but I had the text message saying it was ready. Eventually I talk to someone else and they had it! This is literally false advertisement! I have proof that it was and I am wondering how many more people got scam for there money. I am really disappointed and wasted so much energy. I provide some proof in the photos.


Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Sep 19, 2015
I am sorry I do not understand what happened. There are photos of different games and different systems in the photos.

Asking for sympathy from Walmart workers — some of whom work Thanksgiving Day and others who show up early so stores can open at 6 am — and it is a busy stressful day — that may be asking for too much.

Did you finally get the right game for the right price?
Feb 16, 2018
You purchased an XB1 game but have included the online pricing for a PS4 game. Even though the game may be from the same manufacturer and the same title, different platforms often have different prices. Many times games online are different prices from online prices, especially with special orders.
Did you go to the electronics department to pick up the game you ordered online or did you go to the customer service desk?
Nov 25, 2018
Yeah it was a stressful day for everybody. The ads they were handing out all week long said 38 for blacks ops 4 and serveral other prices for games and consoles to be dropped; including the newest games. The prices didn’t drop one bit. They didn’t want to price match either. I had to order online to get it. The thing I am confused about no where on the advertisements did they say select or varies to store to store. All the ad said Black Friday deals at stores and it showed prices and pictures of the games.


Nov 25, 2018
In the photo black ops 4 is only 38 dollars still. Even though it was on a different console, what if I had a PlayStation and online it said 39 and the ads said 39 but in stores it said 60 no price drop. Something seems wrong to me. Plus in the photos I am going to provide why would NBA 2k19 be valued at 60 dollars but online and the ads say 30? Please look at the advertisements they were giving out.


Feb 21, 2018
There are some retailers who do not price match to their internet site. Hard to believe, but true - the internet operations are set up as a different arm of the Company from the brick-and-mortar and they choose not to match. There are many retailers out there that won't price match to a competitor's web site either.

Also bear in mind that showing the shelf-tag price doesn't necessarily mean it would have rung through the register at that price. As long as they honored the lower advertised price, they would be fine. It does seem confusing for the consumer because the shelf tag is higher, but they're still free to charge you LESS than what it shows on the tag. They just can't charge your more.