Vueling - overbooked flights

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Sep 20, 2019

Hoping someone will be able to help me out....So yesterday my boyfriend and I were meant to fly to London from Florence. Since we both do not have EU passports, we were unable to check in online which is why we decided to get to the airport 3 hours before the flight (I have a screenshot which shows the message from Vueling). We were informed that the flight had been overbooked and seeing as we had not checked in online, we were not guaranteed a seat. We were told to come back in 2 hours time to check if we could get on the flight. We both had to be back in London today for work so rather than wait around to potentially be told that we did not have seats and then be unable to book seats on other airlines later on that day, we decided to bite the bullet and book 2 seats on BA (330EUR each, ouch).

Is there any way that I'll be able to claim some kind of compensation from Vueling? I'm not too hopeful as they could easily argue and say it was our choice not to wait around for 2 hours but thought I'd check in this forum.

Thank you!
May 1, 2018
So were you actually overbooked or not? Did the airline offer you a rerouting option or a refund of your original ticket?
Feb 12, 2019
I think not waiting to see what would happen is your downfall. If you came back in two hours you might have had a seat or you would have gotten whatever EU261 gives you for being involuntarily bumped and Vueling would have put you on another flight. With not coming back in 2 hours you have no idea whether you were really bumped or not and I'm guessing they put you down as no-shows.


Verified Member
Oct 2, 2014
@peewee078 If you had waited and you were bumped, the answer is yes. Since you effectively no showed, the answer is probably no. Submit a EU261 claim and see what happens.
Sep 19, 2015
They asked you to come back at 2 hours before take off because counter check in only starts 2 hours before departure of each flight.

I do not see much hope for this at all as you were too early and decided not to wait until check in opened so you no showed.
  • Passengers must arrive at the airport in sufficient time with respect to the scheduled departure of their flight in order to complete all official formalities and, where applicable, check in their luggage. The check-in desks open two hours before, and close 40 minutes before, scheduled departure (even if the flight is delayed), except at the following airports.
Sep 19, 2015
I do not see how you can even try to claim Eu 261 as you never checked in and did not present yourself for check in during the hours of check in — ie 2 hours before flight.

Many airlines allow check in up to 4 hours before flight but Veuling is not one of them.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
It's a shame to contemplate how many travel problems are exacerbated by impatience. I would have done the same thing you did, peewee. But I'd be aware of the cost of my decision. One of the things people can do to protect themselves is make a Plan B and C before leaving home. Compile and carry a list of alternatives in case your flight gets skewed. Know what your alternatives are BEFORE the sword falls and you're scrambling for a solution.

So you had to be back to work the next day. How many subsequent flights were available that would get you home in time? The obvious, of course, is to fly a day earlier ... not a good solution for many. If you hit your bed at 3 and had to be up at 6, would that have been doable? Are you the type that could just stay up all night and breeze into the office? Having solid information would have made your decision much easier. While I've never had to pull the switch, I've been in situations several times where I was ready to purchase a new tix, even knowing the monetary loss involved. Delays and cancellations are part of the travelling life.