VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

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Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
No they didn't contact me. I just get an email from homeaway with the code 10.4 so not sure how to do that from that side. Really need your guys help. Does anyone have contact info for homeandaway and vrbo that I can contact. This should be flagged before I even accept booking and I'm out almost 2k from these bookings which is a problem.
HomeAway is the parent company for VRBO: https://www.elliott.org/company-contacts/homeaway-com/
Jul 13, 2016
Awesome. So would you connect with Mike from here? Any template etc to follow subject to get the attention?
I suggest that you clearly state the issue, giving names and dates of the stays, and any factual proof you have that the cardholder (s) stayed on those dates. A letter from your cleaner will not suffice unless she checked their IDs.
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Mar 23, 2015
I assume you don't have a "Ring" doorbell or any type of video surveillance on the front door of your home that could substantiate who enters/exits the property? If you're going to attempt to manage remotely, I'd strongly encourage you to do so... Then at least you can say "This is John Smith entering my home on 12/7/2018 at 4:00PM" for proof if necessary. Sorry you got scammed :(
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Sep 21, 2018
I still haven't seen the OP post any kind of chronological account of what happened. This will be crucial in winning this chargeback.

Example of the info that you will need to provide to VRBO in order to dispute the chargeback:

1. On <date the reservation was made> a reservation was processed through VRBO for my property at <address or property number or however VRBO identifies your property> by <renter's user name on VRBO or however they are identified there>.

2. This reservation was for <X> number of nights starting on <starting date of rental period>.

3. After receiving payment via credit card through VRBO, I emailed / messaged through VRBO (or however it happened) the keycode to the rental property to <email address or username or whatever>. This keycode is changed after every rental, so only the person who provided the credit card used to make the reservation would have access to the current code to gain entry to the property.

4. On <first day of reservation>, the keycode was used to access the property.

5. On <date of cleaner's visit>, the property had obviously been occupied since the previous rental's cleaning.

6. For these reasons, I am disputing this customer's chargeback on the grounds of an unauthorized charge, as only the person with access to the VRBO username had access to the keycode that was used for this rental period.

Since you never handle the credit card end of things, we have to hope/assume that VRBO has security steps in place to ensure that the person entering the credit card number also has access to the security code on the back of the card, the billing address, etc. That should be part of why VRBO charges its fee to you -- they are handling the billing for you, so they charge you a fee for that service. If they don't have security measures in place to ensure that the renter is actually the owner of the credit card in question and they won't take responsibility for that, then you should be using a different platform to market your rental property.
Dec 4, 2018
Connected with them and just waiting resolution here now. Also, would you have any contacts for Airbnb for trust and safety or seniors like you did for VRBO?


Dec 15, 2017
Do you get a signed rental agreement other than VRBO payment? Do you ask for IDs? If you accept instant bookings what is your cut off time to accept? (a week before booking so as to clear funds for example?) . There are many things as an owner you can do to prevent as much as possible. (Doesn't help you in this case but maybe moving forward?)
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