VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

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Jun 5, 2018
I won my chargeback dispute, Carrie, and have also written to the executive contacts at Homeaway since you provided them here. I shared with them my ordeal and the lack of guidance provided by the "chargeback specialists". I've also asked for travelers to have to create a personal account to be able to make a reservation. They need to have a username and password, so that they are self identifying. If that had been the process, this kind of thing would be much easier to defend.
I have had responses from VRBO executive offices. They sent an email and reached me on the phone, having tried twice. I was encouraged by their response to my having complaints. They did give me one piece of usable advice regarding how to get the identity of a traveler when they make reservations, without intimidating the traveler by asking for identity verification, when so many VRBO home owners don't require it. So, I made some changes on my reservation page, as she recommended and we'll see how it goes over. She did not take ownership of two of my concerns, those being the lack of help from "chargeback specialists" and that I lost $200. in fees for filing the chargeback dispute. I had been told that whichever side lost the chargeback case, they would pay the fees. It didn't happen that way. She says those concerns are with Yapstone. She is going to forward my concerns to that department ... however ... I would also like to take own action in that direction. You were able to provide with executive contacts at Homeaway ... do you also have executive contacts for Yapstone?

Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
I did find some information from their website. On their contact us page, they have a web form to fill out here. From checking out LinkedIn, they do have some officers on there. Jerry Ulrich is the EVP/CFO and David Weiss is President however I don't know the email convention for the company.
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