Visa FlexPerks Rewards Travel - Insurance, Fees, etc.

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Oct 17, 2017
Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked dozens of times. (I did find this thread: Based on reading this thread my understanding is:

It is technically not possible to "insure" points redeemed for a rewards airline ticket. One can insure the cost of the rebooking fee/redeposit points awards.

So I am hoping to book an award ticket via FlexPerks Reward. I called Visa FlexPerks Reward and asked if it was possible to re-deposit tickets (in the event I was unable to travel) and what the rebooking/redeposit fees were. I talked to 2 separate people and neither could give me a straight answer. The 2nd person said there was a $30 fee to change an awards ticket + other fees based on the change, airline, etc. She was unable to answer my question about policy of redepositing points. She basically said the only way I would find out is if I booked my ticket and then I something happened.

So I guess I am coming here to ask:
Has anyone booked an airline rewards ticket via the Visa FlexPerks Reward Ticket and had to cancel/change? What was your experience? (For further detail, I probably would opt to fly Delta if I could).

Secondly do you have any general advice on how to "insure" this trip - I have no plans to get sick or not go on what is supposed to be a great vacation next year - but lots of things could (unfortunately) happen between now and next May.

Thank you for your advice and suggestions.
Oct 17, 2017
Agnes the terms and conditions are usually somewhere in the fine print of the program. Do a search on the program for terms and conditions- it's usually in there.
Thank you. I am sure I just blind, but I cannot find any terms that specifically address the need to change tickets or redeposit points. All I have found so far is that once points have been used for award travel they are considered "fully redeemed" and if you ask a travel agent to help you (instead of doing the booking youself online) it costs $25 and "please refer to additional terms and conditions provided in the online redemption process" (but apparently i cannot access them beforehand?). The third party site that is used to actually book the has absolutely not small-print hyperlinked "fine print" at the bottom, just a "privacy pledge."

Thanks - I'll keep looking!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
You may not find any information, Agnes. I've always been leery of any points scheme except AmEx and Chase Ultimate Rewards ... the 'others' seem to be very light on the details. Your phone calls surely prove that. Is FlexPerks the old Northwest Airlines loyalty program which segued into Delta SkyMiles or FlexPerks, depending on your choice? I moved my NWA points to Delta because I read about the FlexPerks back then and was not impressed.

Here's my issue: it's my understanding that many of these awards programs (including Chase Ultimate Rewards) book through the dreaded online booking sites. I've only used URs for hotels, but I believe that Chase goes out and purchases an airline tix which of course is non-refundable. So the traveller has an issue ... if you book a tix direct, you can usually receive a credit towards a future flight less the change/cancel fee. It's POSSIBLE that you can do the same with a rewards-program tix, but I'd bet that your points are gone forever once you make the booking.

Therefore, unless I could get written confirmation, I'd not book airline tix through your loyalty program. Much better to transfer those points directly to, say, Delta SkyMiles and redeem your award through Delta. Are your points transferrable? I wish I had better news.