Viking Refund Problem

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May 1, 2021
Media question from Robert Scott
Email: [email protected]
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Company you have a question or a comment about: Viking Cruises
We signed up and paid in full for a Viking River Cruise through AAA in June 2019 for a cruise set to depart in June 2020. In March 2020 we were notified by both Viking and AAA that due to the Covid 19 virus pandemic, the cruise was canceled and we were offered a full refund or an additional 25% credit for a future cruise. We elected the credit and re-booked for June 2021. In December 2020 with no end in sight to the pandemic and our continuing advanced age (I am 78 and my wife is 76) we decided we should not try to take the cruise and asked AAA to assist with cancellation and a refund of funds we paid.
Viking's response to them was that we we not eligible for a refund since we had re-booked using the credit. No further explanation was offered and Viking has not given me this decision in writing. This is all not withstanding their written guest statement indicating that cancellation 120 days or more before departure would result in only a fee of $100 per person. Since that time, Viking has also canceled the re-booked cruise and I have written two letters to them requesting the refund. those letters, to the Viking address on 12-10-2020 and to Customer Relations Manager on 3-17-2021, have been ignored.
My hope is that you can help me obtain a refund for a cruise we do not feel safe in taking and are no longer interested in.
What's your desired resolution? We would hope to be able to get back the $16,232 we have paid or as much of it as possible.
What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 16232
Date of transaction/travel date: 2019-06-12
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Status: Active
Referred by: Online search.
Case number/reservation number: Viking Booking # 5xxxxxx
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Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Unfortunately, you and thousands of others are in the same boat. The time to request a refund was when the very first cruise was cancelled. But, since you accepted a credit for a future cruise, you are not due a refund. Know that there is very little operating capital for these cruises to work from. Cash refunds are going to those that are actually due a refund based on the terms of the contract.

The only other option is to escalate your request to the execs of the company (you can find their email addresses here:

Please follow these guidelines for the best chance of a favorable outcome:


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I don't understand why you are contacting Viking directly when you booked with an AAA travel agent. Your TA should be working with Viking to request the refund. While cruise lines can be very sticky about refunding a trip booked with a credit on a previously cancelled cruise, your travel agent at AAA should find out why this statement doesn't apply and explain it to you:
"written guest statement indicating that cancellation 120 days or more before departure would result in only a fee of $100 per person."
If you don't qualify for that protection, your TA should explain why.