Vantage Deluxe World Travel Consumer Issues

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Dwayne Coward

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Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis

Vantage is now responding to our inquires. At the moment they are only confirming if the booking was canceled and a refund is due (though they are unable to provide us with any specific timeline of when the refund would be processed), or if the trip was postponed or otherwise modified, in which case, they have informed us that per their terms, they are not providing a refund, but are providing a Future Travel Credit if the consumer does not wish to accept the modified booking.

We have and continue to receive a fairly large number of submissions concerning consumers' ability to obtain refunds after being notified their trips were canceled. It has also been noted in some submissions that this company is not providing refunds but only allowing rebookings or future credit, though many have indicated a refund is due but that they are not providing them in a timely manner or unable to provide a timeline of when the refund would be processed.

We have made several attempts to contact them regarding these submissions, in which we have not received any response from this company. We do list executive contacts on our website, though we have been informed by many consumers that they are not receiving responses to their attempts.

As the company is not being responsive to our inquiries, if the company has not provided a satisfactory response to your consumer issues when using our company contacts, our recommendation at this time is to file a complaint with your State's Attorney General:

There may also be other State Consumer Protection Offices in your State that may be able to assist. The following website provides a list by State of these organizations:

You may also want to consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which Vantage is currently an accredited member. This may be especially useful if you are not receiving a response to your complaint since to maintain their accreditation, they are required to respond to consumer complaints filed through the BBB. Also, complaints and the company's responses are available online, which may give you a general indication of how the company is responding to these complaints:

As a final option, you may want to consider contacting your credit card company about disputing the charges for "goods and services you didn't accept or that weren't delivered as agreed". This should only be used if you can document that a refund is due per the cancellation policy/terms of the booking and can further document you have attempted to resolve this first directly with the merchant.

**NOTE**. Be aware that a credit card dispute can potentially delay a pending refund being processed while the dispute is being investigated by the credit card company/bank.

More information on the disputing credit card charges can be found at the following website:


Please feel free to provide feedback to me on the above information. We would especially like to hear about any successful resolutions with this company, which will help us to advise consumers with similar issues. You can email me at [email protected].
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