Vacation Express

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
If he purchased insurance then he has to put in a claim with the insurance company for a refund of what wasn't refunded. And in a case of not being able to afford the trip, he'd need Cancel for Any Reason insurance since not being able to afford a vacation is not a covered reason.


Verified Member
Nov 21, 2014
I always purchase Travel Insurance when I travel
Well then there you have it, whatever Travel Express won't refund, then your Travel Insurance should make you whole.
Based on the dates you provided and the Terms & Conditions (we found & not provided by you) it would seem IF we understand your travel dates and cancel date that you are not entitled to a refund from Travel Express. Possibly you are from your Travel Insurance provider.
The only way we can know for sure of course is for you to clarify which T & C cover your trip and what the Cancel date was vs the Travel date.
Just because a CS rep says on the phone you will get a refund (initially) does not mean you actually are entitled to a refund.
Maybe I am wrong but further clarification is required.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Bernard, it is an unfortunate fact today that telephone reps often give out erroneous information. I don't think that Delta can do anything for you directly, as the agency purchased the airfare as part of a package which it sold to you. The cancellation policies of the agency prevail here, not the airline or the hotel.
My advice to you is to sit down with a legal pad and make a chronological list of exactly what happened from the day you booked the trip. What was included, how much it cost, the date you cancelled, etc. Run this information down the left side of the page.
Then, using the Terms and Conditions from the agency, go back to the top and drop in the relevant dates and what the cancellation penalties are on the right side of the page.
Finally, read your travel insurance policy to see if there may be some relief there.
If you conclude that you're not owed any refunds based on the agency's rules, then I would write them a very polite request to receive a credit for a future trip, less their cancellation fees. Send this email to Customer Service, Wait a week for an answer. Then ask to whom you can appeal further to at the agency. My colleagues report that they are a reputable travel provider, so they may be able to extend you the courtesy of a future credit. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.
Sep 28, 2015
I always purchase Travel Insurance when I travel

You do realize that no one here can help you unless you post all of the relevant information, don't you? At this stage it appears you are trying to deliberately avoid posting the relevant information that people here need to better assist you. I have posted the link to the cancellation policy and it appears - unless you provide the complete information - that they are well within their T&Es to keep the money. Without complete honesty and transparency (and FYI, some of your claims are rather dubious), we're at a dead end and no one can help you further.


Verified Member
Oct 1, 2014
If he cancelled for personal "financial reasons" travel insurance will not help unless he bought cancel for any reason coverage.
Likes: Neil Maley
Mar 4, 2015
If he cancelled for personal "financial reasons" travel insurance will not help unless he bought cancel for any reason coverage.
Note that some third-party travel insurance policies will cover loss of employment and/or new unforeseen job obligations.