Useless vouchers-Spirit!

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Do you think a “Free Voucher” from Spirit (or any airline), should require the customer to pay s/t?

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Jan 31, 2018

I am happy I found this forum. I went on vacation with my husband and two girls to Miami, flying via FLL (Fort Lauderdale) to ACY (Atlantic City). They overbooked our flight by 40 seats. We actually had seats though, but Spirit was offering 2 free tickets per person if we switched to s flight leaving 20 minutes later than our flight to PHL (Philly). We decided to voluntarily offer our four seats in exchange for the two tickets per person.

We had our car parked in ACY though, so we had to take a LYFT, which cost us about $100. We figured it was worth it because we would maybe fly to Cancun or Aruba and that would save us money. I read somewhere else on the forum that they gave people a free shuttle to Atlantic’s City, it’s a shame we didn’t get that as well.

Anyway, I went to try to book a ticket using the vouchers, and first of all, it only took off $70 of the base fare, which it says in the fine print that it pays for, but it also makes you pay all these government fees etc, making this not a good deal at all. I was looking forward to booking our trip to the Caribbea, etc... but I feel like i got duped. I can get s better deal when Spirit has their sales.

Can you help me get something that I can actually use, like a $200 airline credit per voucher which I can use on any, even sale, tickets, or get ticket vouchers that are all inclusive in what they cover? (Ie. govt fees, etc...) we booked these tickets on sale for $50 roundtrip, including all fees, and I therefore know that it shouldn’t cost me $100 per ticket after the voucher is already applied... I also would love to get reimbursed for my $100 LYFT ride, whichever I think is reasonable.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Jan 6, 2015
Unfortunately, this is life in the world of Ultra Low Cost Carriers (ULCC). While other airlines impose some fees, Spirit, Frontier, and Allegiant offer low "fares" and then add in fees for services that larger airlines include in their fares (which are higher). Thus a "fare" comparison is rendered invalid.

Your chances for a better deal are also limited by the fact that you accepted the offer willingly. The same is true for the LYFT fare, which seems to have occurred because the later flight went to PHL instead of ACY like your original flight.

That said you can use the Company Contacts link at the top of this page to present your request to them. Be sure to read and follow the instructions at the top of the initial Company Contacts page.
Dec 7, 2017
SoCal - EAST
And as a warning for others - READ THE TERMS OF THE VOUCHER BEFORE accepting one. If you don't have time to read it - then don't accept it.

Further, if you agree to be bumped to a later flight in exchange for vouchers - make absolutely you have been offered POSITIVE SPACE on the later flight. Positive space means you have a ticketed 'Ok' reservation on the flight with a seat assignment that is not standby. I can't tell you how many times I've heard friends and acquaintances tell me that only got a space available standby seat because they did not ask - or know to ask.