UPS Problem

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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I would suggest that you find a place to ship and to receive your packages for a couple of years. Let everything die down, let all the rhetoric disappear from peoples' minds, and then perhaps you can convince them to resume delivery and pickup. It doesn't appear that you are getting anywhere currently.

If you do want to pursue this now, please go back to our original instructions very early in this thread about what to read, how to advocate for yourself, and who to contact.
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Aug 20, 2019
Summarizing your interactions . . .
Three (3) people leave messages for Chad Baker. Response: one (1) voicemail (to you)
Several (3?) letters from you to CEO David Abney (only). Response: Nothing
Three (3) letters to the AG, BBB, and CPD (one to each separately). Response: paralegal says no each time
Three (3) letters to their CSSO, President, and CEO (one to each simultaneously). Response: Nothing

That totals 12 touch points with just 2 responses (counting the "no" each time as a single response). Included are (4?) to the CEO.
Regrettably, I don't see things turning out any different by working your way up the chain again . . .
Customer service in Georgia stated the CEO doesn't read the letters they go to customer service. If I could get the ear of someone higher up I think this would be quickly resolved.

The paralegal gave the same canned response each time when I filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Illinois Attorney General & Georgia Department of Law . "It was decided by local management that we cannot deliver to ( persons name) address". When I asked the General Manager about this (Philip Morgan) he stated it has nothing to do with local management. It is Chad Baker's decision. When I spoke with an attorney at Georgia Department of Law he stated they always get a response from the same person (paralegal Maddy Mullin) when they are filing a compliant about a red flagged account. He went on to say she usually doesn't usually go off script.