UPS contacts???

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Jun 27, 2017
FedEx made the delivery in the same weather at 680+ miles farther distance. UPS just makes excuses. The idiots have now sent the package not to Phoenix, but to Las Vegas instead. Now they say sometime next week due to weather. Weather didn't make them take a stupid out of the way route. Weather is their excuse. Incompetent shipping practices is reason.
Was your FedEx a guaranteed overnight shipment? If so, it went from Fort Wayne to Memphis and from Memphis to Tucson by air. Your UPS order appears to be a ground shipment. The roads, highways and Intersates (10 & 40) throughout Arizona were very bad yesterday. I received 17 alerts from ADOT (Arizona Dept of Transporation) Thursday and Friday about road closures, including Interstates 10 and 40.