Unused eVouchers (paper vouchers)

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Feb 19, 2019
My mother died very unexpectedly on 2/14/17. My dad had passed away 6 years before her. As the executor of their estate, I had mountains of paperwork and bills to take care of after her death. I transferred their American Airlines and other airline miles to my sisters and me, split evenly amongst the 3 of us. I cancelled an upcoming trip she had planned for all of us to go to Disney world to celebrate her 70th birthday in June 2017. Each time I spoke to an airline or travel partner (my parents were avid travelers), I asked if there were any outstanding vouchers or trips needing cancellation. Never were any eVouchers mentioned.
About a year later, I found these paper eVouchers for American Airlines. There are 2 eVouchers with a value of $394.74 on each of them, totaling $789.48. I know why she had to cancel this trip and it was for health reasons. Had I known about these vouchers, I would have used them towards our family travels for the funeral and other family needs. I contacted American right away, and the customer relations team refused to reissue or reinstate these vouchers because they had expired. It pains me to think that my mom paid $789.48 in flights that went to waste. Can you do anything to help us get any monetary value for these eVouchers? My mom, dad, sisters and I all have status on American and have been very loyal to this airline. Ideally, American will reinstate these vouchers with a one year expiration.
The eVoucher numbers are: xxxxxxxxxxxand xxxxxxxxxx​

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Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
First, I’m sorry about the loss of your Mom.

Unfortunately, the airline won’t reinstate these. If she had the vouchers that means she booked a nonrefundable flight, and nonrefundable is just that- nonrefundable. The airlines give a credit less a cancellation fee as a courtesy. It also means she didn’t buy travel insurance or she could have put in a claim for the flight and been reimbursed. The airline will never issue a cash refund because she could have booked a refundable rate and received her money back but opted for the nonrefundable rate.

The vouchers are only valid for a year from the dates the flights were booked so they are long expired and they are also not transferable to anyone other than the person named on the ticket.
Sep 19, 2015
I am sorry about your mother. You are trying to be as thorough as possible but these vouchers slipped by.

Unfortunately for your situation, what Neil says is correct.
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