Unreimbursed airfare through Aon

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Aug 12, 2019
Dear Chris,

We purchased travel insurance for 3 family members from SFO to Stockholm Sweden. The first connector leg of the flight was 2 hours late from SFO to LAX resulting in us missing the only SAS flight from LA to Stockholm. We rescheduled the flight to the next day through Expedia.

Unfortunately I had a major unexpected medical emergency prior to boarding the flight resulting in 4 days of hospitalization and our missing the entire trip as I was in a cannot fly status.

We purchased travel insurance for the flight from Trabgard an Aon (AIG parent) Insurance. We submitted the claim with all required documentation including letter from the hospital on June 21,2019 . It’s been 8 weeks and we keep hearing the claim is fully documented but it’s in for management review. This is unacceptable and they refuse to answer our calls. Please tell me how I can file a consumer claim to get your assistance in getting this settled. We are out of pocket $3,315.09 plus $209.56 in car rental to return home. The only issue is they were trying to deduct cost of the SFO to LAX flight segment on Alaska. The airfare was bundled so got stand-alone one way airfare quote of $49 but they said nothing when I provided it.

We have a fully documented legitimate claim and are getting very frustrated with their unreasonable stall tactics. Let me know where I can get case form you to file our claim. We have backup of every communication as well as support for our claim, both medical and trip related.

Tom Twerdahl


Verified Member
Oct 2, 2014
Insurance is a regulated product in every state. You might ask them one more time for an update on when you can expect a check. If you're not happy with the answer, file a claim with the insurance board in your state.


Verified Member
Jan 20, 2015
If the flights were bundled, I don’t see how they can deduct the SFO>LAX flight as that was a trip in vain.