United Airlines Reroute + 21 Extra Hours of Travel

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Mar 22, 2017
I was booked on United for travel SFO-ORD-BTV on Sunday, 3/19, on flights UA624 (SFO-ORD) and UA565 (ORD-BTV). However, flight UA624 was delayed from 10:45am PDT to 1:30pm PDT initially due to unspecified mechanical issues (it would eventually leave 4 hours late). As soon as the delay was announced, I realized that I would miss my connection in Chicago, so I went to customer service. The customer service agent rebooked me on flights UA355 from SFO-IAD and UA6232 from IAD-BTV as well as giving me three (3) $10 food vouchers. I was informed that this was my only option on United or any other airline. After spending at least $20 extra on food and sitting at SFO for another 12 hours after my originally scheduled departure time, I flew to IAD on flight UA355, departing just after 11pm PDT and arriving around 7am EDT the next day. At IAD, I then spent another $20 extra on food beyond the $10 food voucher while waiting for flight UA6232. Flight UA6232 was also delayed for four hours due to unspecified mechanical issues. Flight UA6232 eventually left IAD just after 4:30pm EDT as opposed to the scheduled 12:30pm EDT scheduled departure. I eventually arrived at BTV just before 6pm EDT, 21 hours after I was scheduled to. This caused me to miss many classes and other school commitments. United sent out a customer appreciation email (quoted below) about flight UA6232, and after going through the steps on the website linked in the email, I was offered a compensation of $50 or 2500 miles for this flight. My question is: Am I entitled to further compensation for my earlier issues (the delay and reroute from ORD to IAD and being switched to a redeye.)? I find it hard to believe that there were no other options for getting to BTV from SFO at some point Sunday or Monday.

Email from United:

From: noreply@unitedmileageplus.com
Date: March 20, 2017 at 6:06:24 PM EDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Customer Appreciation

On behalf of United Airlines, we want to express our sincere apologies for your
experience with flight 6232 on March 20, 2017.

At United, we take pride in being a reliable part of your travel plans and your satisfaction
is of paramount importance. I invite you to visit the following website to select a token
of our appreciation.


Please be sure to visit the website within the next 90 days and have your flight information
handy. Family members who traveled together under the same email address should access this
site individually.

Thank you for your time. Again, your satisfaction and your business is important to us
and we look forward to serving you better in the near future.


Keith Ware
Customer Care Recovery Specialist
United Airlines
Jan 11, 2017
Unfortunately, here in the US there is no mandatory delay compensation. (Similar as the EU261.) The USDOT Passenger Bill of Rights require compensation only for lost/delayed bag, involuntary bumps and tarmac delays of more than 3 hours.
It is possible, that there was no seats on earlier flights.
Nevertheless, you can/should ask for more compensation. See the company contacts on the top of this site.
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Nov 21, 2014
Here are the United Airlines contacts:
Do not waste time calling, keep ALL contact in writing, make emails Brief, Polite and factual. Bullet points work best. Start at customer service and wait a week and then if you don't like the answer move up to the next contact. Do NOT email everyone at once.


Good luck!
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Oct 14, 2015
in Australia United is the airline of last resort. If you want to go to USA & don't want to go via Asia(Chinese airlines always seem to undercut everyone else by $50) the cheapest is always United. Now that I can afford to fly on much better airlines I avoid United like the plague. Sounds like you should to.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
What an awful trip. My colleagues have given you good advice. I would add that stating your problem as clearly and concisely as possible is very important. The people reading your letter are inundated with complaint letters, so you want that person to grasp exactly what happened immediately. After three sentences full of minute details, my eyes glazed over and yI had to start reading it all over again. Leave all the details to the end of the letter. State the delay times, the city pairs, just the information that will allow someone to instantly understand what happened. Good luck and please let us know the outcome. When I attempt to explain something complicated, I have someone read my letter to see if they understand what I'm saying.