Unfairly blocked from Facebook

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Jun 24, 2019
Some observations.

There are increasing calls for repeal of Section 230, which protects companies like Facebook from lawsuits because of something that is posted. Those supporting repeal are from all sides of the political spectrum. Thus, media companies are trying more than ever to moderate content. And Apple and Google are trying to pressure Parler to moderate its content. Thus, a number of my friends have reported being in Facebook or Twitter jail for periods of time over the last week; one friend, who describes himself as a conservative and has a radio show, was permanently banned a few months back for things he posted about Covid. He is still on Twitter, and has not learned his lesson.

I never post anything I would not want to to appear on the front page of the Los Angeles Times the next day. Conversely, I have made part of my living from the behavior of people who do not follow that rule.

I have observed that people I know will post things they would never say to my face.

Last, I learned long ago that simply trying to post something factual in response to a friend's blatant misrepresentation, is in the end a losing proposition. It reminds me of something George Bernard Shaw said: "Never wrestle with a pig; you both get dirty and the pig likes it."


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
These issues are a classic example of the "ANY": principle: ANY platform (including this one) can ban ANY content or ANY person for ANY reason at ANY time without ANY explanation".

This is why I do not have a social media presence like Facebook, Twitter, etc. For personal accounts, I see far too often that users are locked out temporarily or outright banned. And when I think of the many hours spent setting up an account or webpage and posting only to have it disappear, I am simply unwilling to risk that investment. I believe very strongly that each and every person who is contemplating social media to ask themselves "What if all that work suddenly vanishes?" I suspect that many might choose not to.

Finally, having pondered this many times, I take solace in this: the media world does not need my voice. When Dorothy asks the Scarecrow how he can talk without a brain, he replies "I don't know, but an awful lot of people with no brains seem to do awful lot of talking."

I am not thinking of anyone in posting that quote, but I certainly don't want to be among them. And the few contacts I have, I can text. This all does not work for everyone, of course, but it is an important consideration.
Aug 29, 2018
One other possibility: does someone have a vendetta upon you? They could opt to report you for anything, and this time the report stuck,

That said, another thing to remember: you are not social media's customer, unless you are paying to promote your posts. You are the product being sold to advertisers.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Learn how, though? The post they ultimately flagged me for they said went against the community standards of nudity and sexual content, which there was none. How can I avoid future repercussions if they are arbitrary and make no sense? I would own it if I did anything wrong. I disagree with the Melania thing, but at least it makes some sense. There is literally no sex or nudity in the post that got me blocked for thirty days. If I actually did something wrong I’d feel differently.

It does appear I may have to wait it out, but it’s incredibly unfair. I’m hoping they are just backlogged in their appeals. I would really like to know exactly what it is that went wrong here.
Maybe this will make sense to you. FaceBook uses the term "friend(s)" as a noun and a verb. The original concept of FB was to allow people to keep up with people they consider, or would like to consider, friends. Somehow this has morphed into a huge mess of opinions and general commenting on anything and everything. Photos of protestors don't belong on FB, photos of yourself, your family, your pets and ... yes ... your friends belong on FB. Find another outlet for opinions about things that don't fit in the parameters of "friends". Get together with your friends in person or video or telephone and discuss world conditions to your heart's content. It's that simple.


Mar 23, 2015
"In the comment about Melania, I never used anyone's name and never implied all Slovenians are wh*res, and it was on my own page..."
Since it's unlikely that a "real person" read and blocked you, I'd be willing to bet that "wh*re" is a word that triggers an automatic review or block. Just a guess. Someone recently got blocked for a week for saying Ann Coulter was a c***. I think certain words are auto-triggers, but...again just guessing.
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Feb 11, 2018
It would be good idea to investigate the Freedom of Speech laws. It still doesn’t allow you to post anything you want. There are caveats. And it doesn’t apply to social media, only to government entities.
Absolutely, Neil. Unfortunately too many people misunderstand Freedom of Speech (free speech is not totally free) and censorship, which is a government action. Nobody is guaranteed a forum, and a business has every right to refuse someone use of a forum--it's a business decision.