Uber suspended account without explanation

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Mar 18, 2019

I am an avid user of uber (Platinum status) - use almost every day for work and order uber eats every day. I have a 4.74 driver rating and haven't had an altercation with a driver. My account stopped working so I reached. they will not provide me with a reason and only say they will not be revisiting my suspension at this time. This is a huge problem on my job as I depend on uber to get me places.

I tried calling them, but it won't connect because my number is suspended. I htink the issue might be that I worked in Australia for most of last year and set up an uber eats account on my Australian phone, so it would be linked to that number. I switched sim cards when I got back home , so maybe it looked like I had two accounts. No one will talk to me though, so I am not sure what to do.

Barry Graham

Staff Member
Jan 7, 2015
Also it seems like you are talking about being a rider but you said what your driver rating was. Have they banned you from driving or riding (or both)? Why can't you use Lyft instead?


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
If you worked in Oz for an extended time, it made sense to set Uber up there. Please compose a concise, polite email explaining the circumstances. This kind of treatment is what we can expect when we patronize an internet entity. The computer runs the show, and there aren't very many humans to help. So be patient and persistent. Meanwhile, you can use your phone to call a taxi, and pay them with real cash money ... what a thrill.