Turo Renter Damage Claim

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Jan 13, 2019
I am from Florida but rented a car through Turo in Denver, Colorado. We picked it up at a parking garage near the airport back in June 2018. We had the car for a week and dropped it back off at the parking garage when we were done. There were pictures of the car taken before we rented, then we took pictures after the rental and the owner also submitted photos too.

In October 2018, we were contact by Turo stating that a damage claim was filed against our rental. It was stated that there was hail damage to the car. After going back and forth for them, we were told in November 2018 that the case was closed and there was nothing that could be claimed against us.

In December 2018, we receive another email from Turo stating that the claim was being filed and they attached an invoice for $6k - They said that there was a hail storm when we had the car and that we needed to pay within 24 hours. We have gone back and forth with them showing the pictures we took and the owner took (which are on their site under our rental) to show that there is no damage. They sent some pictures from the "independent appraiser" showing damage. There is damage that can be seen on these pics but you can zoom on our pictures and see nothing. They also sent me a link from NOAA.gov showing hail reports on the day we picked up the rental. From these reports, you can click into a Google Map that shows where the reports were made and what time. I showed them this and mentioned that we were not in these areas. We also stated that 5+ users have rented the van and all made reviews (some even stating that the car was in great condition). Their last reply stated that this claim was valid and that we will need to pay invoice or dispute on FairClaims.
From the terms I read on their site, it looks like we have to go to that site by accepting the rental with them. If you go to their site, Turo is listed as the 2nd company in their "WE WORK WITH GREAT COMPANIES" section.

I don't think I have any options as to do anything but go forward with this online dispute on the site. So I am just looking for advice on what I should be prepared to do and if you think I need to pay for a lawyer (or do something else) to keep me from paying this bogus claim. Thanks for your time!

TLDNR: Rented car, told 4 months later that we caused $6k worth of hail damage
UPDATE: I have contacted my insurance company Progressive today to have them research the claim.

Carrie Livingston

Staff Member
Jan 6, 2015
St Louis
I'm not familiar with Turo but isn't that similar to Airbnb but with cars? Is owner claiming damage?

We don't appear to have company contacts for Turo so please fill out the request form here. Please read how to deal with the claim here and apply to your situation.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
How can Tito be coming after you? The only way they would come after you is if the owner filed a claim. If the owners pictures showed what yours did- is there any way to contact the owner?

I hate to tell you this but your car insurance may not cover this anyway because Turo is not a car rental company. They are a car sharing service.

Use Carries advice and complete the form to request company contacts.