Turkish Airlines - Lost luggage

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Dec 13, 2018
Hello everyone, I'm new here and hoping to get some advice for my friends regarding an issue they recently had with Turkish Airlines. I initially filled out the help form for an advocate to respond, but she (Michelle Couch-Friedman) suggested that I post my story here. So here it is:

My friends are from Iran, and they flew with Turkish Airlines to Boston. They had a layover in Istanbul, and it was there that one of their bags got lost. When the bag failed to appear in baggage claim at Logan in Boston, they filed a lost luggage report with the airline.

Five days later, they've heard no news. The bag was very important to them and they are very upset that it's been lost and that the airline has yet to recover it. They (and I) have been checking the status everyday online for any word on their lost bag, but nothing has happened since their report was submitted.

In addition to this, one of their other suitcases was severely damaged and no longer rolls properly. When they confronted the airline about this, they were told to produce a receipt for the value of this suitcase, which of course they don't have handy.

They really want their bag to be found, but short of that, they want compensation for the things they lost that were inside, including two expensive jackets, new clothes, and gifts that they brought for a relative.

Can anyone advise on what their next step should be?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
They should find out from the airline how much they are permitted to spend to hold them over until the bag is found. And they need to keep receipts for reimbursement.

There is a legal limit of how much they can be reimbursed for bag contents.

We have company contacts on top of our page. They can use them to write to the airline for updates on the search for the bag.