Turkish Airlines - Delayed Baggage and Refusal to file Baggage Irregularity Report

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Jan 28, 2019

I flew on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Turkey to Baghdad, Iraq in December 2018. When my flight landed, I discovered all 3 of my baggage were missing. I immediately contacted the Turkish Airlines Office located at Baghdad Airport, I was informed that my baggage was not loaded from Istanbul Airport. I asked to file a Baggage Irregularity Report on my behalf and provide me with a report number or receipt but my request was repeatedly denied. When I informed them that I am traveling to Najaf, a city 4 hours ago, and wont be able to pick up my baggage from Baghdad Airport, they promised me that they will deliver my baggage to Najaf Airport. I contacted Najaf Airport couple of days later and I was informed that my baggage is still at Baghdad Airport. I requested that my baggage be delivered to my hotel in Najaf, Najaf Airport or to another city I will be traveling to, but they denied all of these requests.
I asked for compensation to buy essentials and to pay for taxi ride to Baghdad Airport, I was asked to file a report on Turkish Airlines website, which I did. Only respond I have received so far is asking me for Baggage Irregularity Report and then denying my claim as they don't have a record my Baggage Irregularity Report in their database.
After 10 days, I had no choice but to pay for taxi myself ($200) and travel to Baghdad Airport myself.
I have pictures of my baggage tags, chat records of my conversation with Najaf Airport, receipt of my luggage pick up 10 days after my flight, and history of my conversation from the report I filed on their website.
I received zero assistance from the Airlines during this situation and to date no compensation whatsoever for the expenses I incurred during the time I didn't have possession of my baggage.

Thank You for any help and advise I can get.
Jan 28, 2019
Hi There,

Thank you for your response, really appreciate it.

I have already emailed all the contacts listed under executive contacts, I have reaching out each person with a gap of 7 - 10 days in between.

Any other suggestions?

Thank You

Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Forum Director
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Unfortunately, Turkish airlines does not respond to our inquiries. I don't know if there is a regulatory authority in Turkey or Iraq in which you can file a complaint. Your only option may be to seek legal advice from an attorney that specializes in international law.