Travelocity refund/Voucher Policy

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Jan 18, 2021
In September of 2019 I planned a Bucket list trip to Italy with 3 friends, including a cruise to Greece, as we entered 2020 and the covid-19 pandemic starting to become daily news, I was hopeful my trip planned for September of 2020 would still take place. The months dragged on and it became clear we would not be able to travel. Italy closed its doors to Americans and we were asked to shelter in place.
We were getting very nervous and made the decision to cancel our trip in June of 2020 before our full payment was due to RCI. Royal Caribbean was fantastic with giving us credits that do not expire. We were not so lucky with Travelocity! When I called to cancel our flights I was told: The Airlines Policy was to "award" vouchers only. The Voucher was issued for travel good from August 2020 to February 2021 to each of us on my account. Although I wasn't happy about a voucher I was hopeful (turned out it was delusional) we could reschedule our trip in early 2021. In December of 2020 when we realized we were not going to be able to use the vouchers by February 2021, I inquired about a refund or extension through Travelocity. They stated they were the middle man and the Airlines strict policy was Vouchers only and they would not extend them past the given date. I have reached out to TAP air via email for refunds with no reply. Iberia air has no email for customer service that I have been able to find or use! I have called the customer service phone line multiple times and after waiting for a half hour or more I get hung up on. I have messaged with Travelocity's Customer service and the response is always the same! They can't help me. A few weeks back I sent an email to the BBB asking them for help. The next day I received an email from the BBB stating the complaint wasn't in their jurisdiction but they would forward it to the office in Texas, I have not heard anything. I know I'm not alone and there are many people in the same predicament as me.
Personally, I am a high risk person who has underlying health conditions and contracting Covid19 would be detrimental to my health. Since we are still in the midst of this devastating pandemic one would think Travelocity would have a better plan in place to deal with the financial hardship this has on all of us.

What's your desired resolution? At this point I'm so disappointed with Travelocity's customer service I want my money back! However without having trip Insurance I would settle for no expiration date Vouchers

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 201627

Neil Maley

Staff Member
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Dec 27, 2014
New York
Unfortunately if you didn’t wait for the airline to cancel your flights, you aren’t due a refund, only a credit. Travelocity is correct- they can’t override and airlines policy on credit extensions. They can’t give you back money the airline won’t reimburse.

Unless you bought cancel for any reason travel insurance, insurance doesn’t cover Covid cancellations either.

We have an article about canceling too soon:



Jul 13, 2020
When I called to cancel our flights
This is the problem , once you canceled you lost the chance at a refund. Lets hope you can get an extension to your voucher and get to use it on another trip. Is your voucher set for only TAP airlines or can you book what you want with this credit?
The chances of converting a future travel credit to a refund is about as close to zero as you can get.
Lets hope once we get Covid under control that these OTAs will realize if they want to continue operating they will have to make people whole again.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm so sorry you're going through this with the air. Online booking services have little customer service. They are a big bunch of computers and people who book what you tell them to book. They spend all their money on slick websites and national advertising. Their business plan is built on volume, sheer numbers of reservations made by people who think they're getting a good deal. And often it is ... until you have a problem and can't get any help.

But you'll need to deal with Travelocity. Find out the exact terms of the credit you now have. For example, I have a very large credit with United and I have to book my travel by a certain date. Some airlines want you to complete your travel by a certain date. I'm confident that I can extend that date if needed because I purchased the tix from UA. All the airlines have different terms. There will be millions of travellers losing their money as their air credits expire. "Everyone" has the same reasons for wanting refunds: age, illness, money, fear of sickness. Only those people who insist on credit extensions have a chance ... with those two airlines, however, not much of a chance. When you call, you are dealing with the lowest level of agent. I suggest that you handle this via email. Submit a concise, polite request to Customer Service. If no response after two weeks, use our Company Contacts and work your way up the executive ladder, waiting a week between each submission. Browse through our airlines & travel agent threads to gather some intel. Each of you will have to deal with this individually; the tix belong to the traveller. Good luck, don't give up, and please let us know the outcome.
Jan 18, 2021
Travelocity still won't extend my credits! Even though I've received an email from TAP air stating the Travelocity is the one that will issue extensions credits and refunds.


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Dwayne Coward

Staff Member
Forum Director
Apr 13, 2016
St. Louis
Travelocity still won't extend my credits! Even though I've received an email from TAP air stating the Travelocity is the one that will issue extensions credits and refunds.
Any available credit on a non-refundable ticket is based on the fare rules which in many cases if the passenger cancels allows a future credit for 1 year from the date of purchase minus any change fee. Who controls the credit would depend on whether it is a published fare or unpublished fare. The majority of tickets sold by Travelocity/Expedia are published fares (normally you can tell as the airline would have charged your credit card for a published fare). Unpublished fares are usually cheaper but more restrictive and commonly don't have any value if not used as intended.

In many cases, airlines have provided an extenuating circumstances policy that has extended the use dates of any credits for published fare tickets canceled by the passenger due to the pandemic. These are voluntary policies by the airlines, outside the normal terms of the purchase. Any further extension is at the discretion of the airline. Expedia can contact the airline on your behalf, but they would not be able to force them to extend.

As you are likely asking for something that is not supported in the terms and agreements of the purchase (fare rules), there is not much that can be done if the company doesn't agree to make an exception other than not provide them any future business. Keep in mind, this is fairly standard practice across the industry, so don't expect too much in the way other travel companies/airlines operate.