Travel agent unresponsive/unreachable for ticket refund

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Jun 24, 2019
Alitalia refunded the travel agent on 12/16/20. It was a full refund. The travel agent has not contacted me or given any kind of refund. They are now simply $1100+ richer. Even with Alitalia's response to the DOT showing that a full refund had been made to the travel agent, my credit card will still not refund me. This is absolute BS.
I do not unerstand why your credit card, Barclay's, should pay you and ths inherit your headache with the travel agent.

A long time ago (before 1975), a credit card company would have no responsibility in this dispute. None. (I have a long story about how I was successful in a dispute before 1975, and how I worked on a change in the law, but it is not relevant here.) After 1975, a credit card company was obligated in certain circumstances to give its customer, you, a refund, if you did not receive the goods or services you ordered. That obligation runs for 60 days after the date of the statement on which the disputed charge appears. That time has passed in OP's case. s

Sometimes, a credit card company will accept a late dispute and simply contact the seller, and get a refund. Sellers are concerned with their level of disputes as it affects their relationship (and pricing, reserves, etc.) with their bank, MasterCard and Visa. But I'm not aware of any bank or credit card company who will simply refund when not legally obligated to do so. Some won't even process a late dispute.

Thus, the angle I see OP can play is to go back to Barclay's, and report that Al Italia has paid the OTA who processed the original charge, and request Barclay's assistance in getting a refund. If the OTA values its relationship with the banks and credit card companies, it may make the refund. If it doesn't care, or spent the money on keeping the lights on, or whatever, it won't. OP will be out the scant cost of the few electrons needed for the new e-mail to Barclay's. Remember, this situation is not Barclay's fault, and you need to enlist the leverage they bring to the table.

And keep in mind that even if Al Italia refunded the money, Greek laws have changed, and the OTA may be allowed under Greek law to keep the money and issue a credit. The Greek economy was hurting before the pandemic, and the lack of tourists and the money they bring has had a devastating impact on the Greek economy.
Nov 22, 2020
Part of why your credit card will not refund you is -
a) they do not think they can recover this money from the travel agent.
b) they are claiming that this ticket is not refundable.
Have you tried showing your credit card where you did not cancel this ticket before the airlines canceled and the letter where the airline has refunded this company. I would think you would have a much better chance of a reversal if you do.
Now if you canceled before the airline canceled the flight you would not be due a refund at all. This might also be what the travel agent is claiming , even if not true.
They have all the info. I did not cancel. The airline cancelled and has finally refunded the OTA.
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Nov 22, 2020
Yes, it stinks. But you're airtickets24's customer not Alitalia's (AZ). AZ's customer refunded the money to their customer- the OTA . Unfortunately airtickets24 has your money and it sounds like Greek law allows them to issue a credit. Since all parties are following the law the credit card sees no element of fraud.

Continue pursuing the OTA using the info others provided. Please keep us updated.
I obviously do not want a credit. However, they have not even offered me that. They will not contact me and their website is no longer operating here. They have simply taken the refund and apparently are not going to offer me anything. I don't think that follows any law. The terms of my purchase, which I have evidence of, state that they will charge a $35USD fee per passenger for processing cancellations.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Forum Moderator
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Greece ruled last year that a travel supplier can issue a credit instead of a refund. They did this to keep suppliers in business. We have a group stuck with credits for a canceled cruise last year. However, our supplier told us if we didn’t use the credit to rebook a trip this year, they will provide a refund in January 2022.

This is a guide the EU put out about this:

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Jul 13, 2020
If you can prove the travel agent was already refunded in cash by the airlines, what did your credit card company say?
Did you make a claim for the full amount you paid or did you claim for this amount minus the charges the travel agent charges for processing refunds or bookings. Were there any extra purchases like reserved seats?
You can appeal the credit cards decision.
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