Thought I'd leave this on here

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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This story isn't ringing true for me. I've never seen anyone 'lying down' in a lounge anywhere ... unless VA's lounge has private facilities for that? The dog doesn't have a harness, an ID card or a credible explanation of her use? It's a long flight from NYC to LA ... what does she do about her need during the flight? I'm somewhat surprised that she was so ready to make a video of her encounter with VA people.

I'm well aware of the kind of nerve pain that is sometimes caused by a terrible accident and the need to be very careful with your body in order to stay somewhat comfortable. Likewise, I've had vast personal experience travelling with disabled athletes; it can be really tough out there. So I'm not "denying her disability" but this story doesn't resonate with me for some reason.