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Apr 20, 2021
I was reached out by this person on tik tok then messaged me on WhatsApp. She wanted to clear the energy supposedly I felt hypnotized by sending her this money it was over $5,500 sent via cash app and zelle. I’ve tried to dispute all the transactions but cash app doesn’t want to help me. I contacted my bank Bank of America and still haven’t heard back just that they can’t help me with cash app transactions. I texted this person called her so many times and she blocked me. I googled her and she’s down this to other people. She is a scam I’ve reported all her social media pages. But nobody seems to do anything to help me an get my money back.

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Alexander Pahany

Staff Member
Forum Moderator
Jan 6, 2021
Houston, TX
I'm at a loss here. It seems as though you freely and voluntarily sent this individual your money, hypnosis notwithstanding. CashApp is not going to help you because the transactions are not fraudulent. Perhaps someone else here is more acquainted with scams involving hypnosis; I'm afraid this is a first for me.


May 30, 2019
Regarding sending money via Zelle: That is analogous to giving cash to a person. Unfortunately for you, once it is sent, it is no longer in your hands. Once accepted by whomever -- scam artist or everyday person -- it cannot be retrieved by the bank. FAQ #6 explains this.

One caveat to using Zelle is that you need to be sure you're sending funds to the correct recipient—and it's a person you trust. Because the money moves so quickly, if the person you send money to has a Zelle account, the transfer will be completed in minutes and thus cannot be canceled once it's sent. That means you'll want to double-check your transfers to ensure that you don't make a mistake and send the funds to the wrong person.

Zelle's speed in transferring funds also makes it a prime target for criminals, some experts warn. If you're transferring money in exchange for goods and services, a scammer could take your money and not complete the exchange.

I'm not aware of what you can do to get that money back.

I am less familiar with CashApp but I think a similar dynamic applies. Sorry.
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Nov 22, 2019
Irvine CA
I see that they have an IG page with phone number, etc. If you sent money to them by cash (Zelle is like cash), Zelle with not send it back.
On one hand, you did paid for a service, and you probably got some type of service. You sent the money yourself, nobody took it.
On the other hand, the person told you that he/she will send you the money back, minus some $32 and you haven't got anything back. Can you explain more?
I would file a police report because it is a scam, from what I read on internet, the person ask victims to send her more money to be refunded...
Apr 20, 2021
I didn’t get no service like she went missing the next day when I asked her to send me my money back when I came to realize at 3 in the morning that I was being scam. She said she needed to rent crystal balls. I requested her to send me back my money and nothing helped.
Nov 27, 2019
A number of states have laws against fortune telling/claiming to be a psychic and asking for money. Couple articles here that might be useful to you. You might also consider contacting your state's attorney general. I doubt you'll have much luck with Zelle and Cash App, since (a) you intended to send the money (e.g. your account wasn't hacked) and (b) it went to the correct recipient (e.g. you didn't get the phone number wrong or something similar.


Alexander Pahany

Staff Member
Forum Moderator
Jan 6, 2021
Houston, TX
But they were a scam like I even found other articles of people that got scam by them
Unfortunately, it’s not any different than if you’d handed cash to a conman on the street.

You’ve reported the scam via the app, you can make a police report...beyond that I can’t think of any other options for you.


Jul 30, 2018
Despite the fact that you transferred the money under false pretenses, as far as the respective banks and money transfer apps are concerned, no fraud has occurred because you did those willingly. The only time they really become involved in a transaction is where the fraud occurred thru no action on the users part- hacking for example. Additionally, just about every money transfer app repeatedly advises their users that they should only transfer money to people they trust like friends and family because transfers are not revocable! This is exactly why they do it: to help users avoid becoming victims of fraud and scams!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I hope you can get this scammer some law enforcement attention and hopefully get her to not scam others. When you're online, you are totally in charge of yourself and your actions. But the internet is full of strangers, many who are online just to cheat people. There are two hard and fast rules with the internet: THE INTERNET IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO A STRANGER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER. NEVER.


Verified Member
Dec 11, 2014
This is really no different than if you sent the money in an envelope through the mail to someone advertising "psychic help" on Craigslist. Just because you used an app doesn't mean that the bank, or Zelle, or WhatsApp is responsible. Unfortunately, you should consider this a learning experience so you don't send other strangers money and then regret it later.
Jan 11, 2019
I'm just curious as to what type of service was she supposed to provide you exactly? I've never heard of anyone being hypnotized over the internet. It's hard enough to do it in person. Sorry to say I doubt you'll ever get your money returned. Please don't send money to psychics, palm readers, etc. Seek help from a therapist or a friend that you trust and not some charlatan. Good luck to you.
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