Thanks again, Elliott

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Apr 10, 2017
Once again, although you did not get involved, you gave me the tools to get a problem solved. A fraudulent transfer was made out of my HELOC account. I reported it to the bank the day after it happened, but things seemed to drag on and other than an account number change, nothing had happened. So I went to your list of company contacts but, unfortunately, this bank was not listed. I read through your tips and decided to search via LinkedIn. I found an SVP of Customer Experience, messaged him and told him what I was after - someone to take ownership of my problem and a single point of contact, not an 800 number. Within I few days I was contacted by the bank and things have progressed. However, when I went back to LinkedIn to send him a thank you message, it seems that I'm blocked. (Frowny face).
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Him blocking you seems in the least an over-reaction and in the extreme, petty.
I agree with you, mmb. The guy probably fainted that someone dared contact him on social media. Imagining his reaction is pretty funny. The least he could have done was pass the request on to someone MUCH lower on the beanstalk than himself. The SVP shot himself in the foot with this one.
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