Temporary Disabled Facebook Account

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Sep 10, 2019
My Facebook account has been temporarily disabled since August 8th that says, "Ineligible" and also my Instagram account too. I've used my Facebook account since 2008 and never had any issues at all. I've always been in good standing and this is the time that my account has ever been disabled which shocked me. Same with my Instagram account too. I'm guessing that someone must've reported my Facebook one as either fake or spam. I didn't do anything wrong the days and night before, just chatted with some of my friends, browsed news feed, and commented on some posts. I woke up 6 hours later and saw that my account was temporarily disabled without any warning including Instagram too.

I submitted proof of my identity to Facebook (My Driver License) a few times over the past month that matches the information in my account including picture too. However, I haven't received any response. I really wish Facebook would at least say how long my account is temporarily disabled so I would have an idea. This is all new to me because it's never happened to my account before.

This account is really important to me. I've used it since 2008 and communicate with a lot of my friends, family members, and relatives. I have many memories with important things in that account such as family pictures, pictures with relatives, friends, etc. Not being able to have access to any of that for the past month is devastating to me.

I attached screenshots below of the message that Facebook gives me when logging in. Also, I attached 2 screenshots of what it displays when some of my friends view the chat history. I feel that it's an identity issue with my account needing verification. From the last screenshot, I really think someone reported my account as spam.

I just would like to see what's going on with the status of my account situation, see how much longer this temporary lock will be, and to try getting it reactivated as it's been a month now. I didn't do anything wrong from what I remember. I think someone reported my account for something that I didn't do or perhaps it might've gotten broken into.

Disabled_message.jpeg Account_verification.jpeg 68757159_2307039179331246_1032687167920406528_n.jpg


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Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
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