T Mobile- I cancelled service and received bill saying it was not cancelled but suspended

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Oct 19, 2018
I have had T-mobile service for more than 5 years with 4 lines for me and my family. As I my moved, I informed T mobile representative over the phone in August 2018 to cancel my services. When i started talking the representative said all our conversations are recorded for quality and training purposes. The lady, I spoke to said that my contract has been cancelled . I stopped auto payments.Today when I checked my mail, I was shocked to find a bill for over 426.51 dollars stating that my contract has been suspended and delinquent. When I called the T mobile representative over phone today they were asking me for my passcode. Since I forgot the number, she directed me to go to a T mobile store. Right away, I went along with my wife to find out why my account was not cancelled. They made me call the t mobile customer service over phone again. There I was Instructed to use my old phone to receive text message for accessing my t mobile account records. I was irritated with the whole issue and asked to talk to the supervisor, immediately my call got cut in the middle of our conversation and nothing was done. The man in the store asked me to sort it out by myself as he cannot help. I walked out of the store and again ready to call t mobile for the 25th time, I am feeling cheated outright. What is the way to deal with this unlawful situation of T mobile ripping off of excustomers. Cant they follow simple instructions and not complicate others life. What happened to those recorded conversations? Sincerely,


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
We see issues like this often with tele-communication companies. I'm not sure why they do not seem to be able to take care of their customers properly. Compose a polite, concise email with all the facts and send it off to Customer Service. Tell them exactly what you want them to do (again). Give them a week and use our Company Contacts if CS doesn't solve your problem. Remember that the person reading your letter did not cause your issue, they read complaint letters all day long, and you want them to understand what happened immediately. Your job is to get them to want to help you. If they set it aside for any reason, the whole mess will drag on for weeks and/or months.