Suspect Alamo Damage Claim and Questionable Practices

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Feb 13, 2018
I rented a car in Colorado Springs from Alamo. The day after I returned the car I was contacted by the company and they asked about 3 dents in the roof of the car, if I noticed them, or if I knew how they got there. I told them that I didn't. They sent me a claim, which I refuted. They said that their investigators determined that I am at fault for the damages and that I must pay $1266.78 in total damages (parts + labor + loss of revenue + diminished car value + admin fee). I told them that I am looking at multiple courses of action to resolve the issue and in their most recent correspondence they declared that I pay the full amount within 30 days, or they will take the claim to a collection agency and they'll revoke any future rental privileges.
I still hold that I did not damage the car, although, I didn't look at the roof of the car when I did my walk around upon pickup. A gentleman from Alamo at the airport named Kevin accepted the car when I returned it without concern. My insurance company will only cover the actual damage claimed ($998.00 - $500 deductible) and doesn't cover the rest ($268.78). I'd prefer to appeal this decision to a higher authority within the company or even go to small claims court and move to have the damage claim dropped, but I don't know where to turn or who to contact.
Any help you can provide is much appreciated.
Thank you,
Jan 6, 2015
You are at a disadvantage in that you cannot prove that the roof was damaged when you picked it up. If the vehicle was a van or an SUV with a roof high enough that you would have to step up to view it, that could be a reasonable counter argument (i.e., "who thinks of that" or "is that reasonable"). Otherwise, you have to weigh the risk of collections and/or revocation of future rental privileges, which could rise all the way up to Enterprise Rental company and perhaps even its subsidiaries, vs. paying the extra $269 dollars.

You can certainly follow the second link that Lizzie1492 posted and them. If you do, I suggest you ask that they work with the local agency to hold off any action until your appeal is completed.