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Jan 3, 2019
I wanted to get your opinion if I'm being too picky with a recent experience on SunCountry Airlines. The weekend after Thanksgiving I flew from Phoenix to Minneapolis. I hadn't flown with SunCountry in a while, but knew that they had an affordable upgrade to a more comfortable seat and decided to treat myself. The upgrade was $40 which I bought through their website. I don't have the original email I sent to them, so here is a brief description.

- When I booked the seat, the seating chart showed the "old style" 2x2, recliner seat type configuration. I didn't realize SunCountry had recently been updating their planes and now the premium seating are the same seats as economy, 2x3 with the middle seat empty. No extra legroom or width.

- The air vents for my not working for my row. It was a bit stuffy in the cabin and I had two chihuahuas underneath me from the couple behind me and could have used some fresh air.

- The seats had electrical outlets, but they were not functioning yet from the upgrade.

There were service issues, but I didn't get into that since I didn't want to seem nit picky. I wrote to them to request a return of my $40 and they responded. For whatever reason, the experience rubs me the wrong way. I feel they could be a bit more gracious in this time of transition, but they don't seem to agree. Is this worth pursuing?

SunCountry's Response:

Thank you for contacting us concerning your flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis on November 26th, 2018. We appreciate your selection of Sun Country Airlines and sorry to learn about the issues you describe with your seating on Flight 608.

We want to make travel pleasant and comfortable for all our customers, and I am sorry to learn that you were disappointed with your seating. We are in the process of putting brand new seats in all of our planes, in order to minimize disruption, we do one or two planes at a time. So right now, we have three different seat products for sale: the “old” version with the old first class seats (two across with 34 inch leg room), the new version with all brand new seats (three across, with 34 inch legroom), and the third are a few leased planes that do not have yet have the new seats (three across, 34 inch leg room). In all three cases, the “Best” seat product (which is what you purchased) comes with priority boarding, two complimentary alcoholic beverages, and more leg room. Additionally, while we are in the transition, we have blocked the middle seat in our “Best” rows to ensure it is empty and to create some consistency while we transition. So, the $40 “Best” seat assignment you purchased was for the extra leg room, priority boarding, and complimentary beverages. As I shared before, I ‘m sorry that this wasn’t clear to you when you purchased. The information is stated on the seat selection page, but based on your feedback, we are working with our web team to see what we can do to make the information more prominent. We can’t offer a refund, as you did receive what you purchased.

As a form of public transportation, and we are a cat and dog friendly airline. It is always disappointing to hear that a fellow passenger’s animal has detracted from the enjoyment of your travel. Occasionally, in situations such as this, our flight crew may be able to change seating assignments. If at any time during a flight a passenger is uncomfortable about any situation during a flight, we recommend sharing your concerns with our inflight crew, as they are trained to mitigate these types of situations.

As for the electrical outlets, they are part of the transitional changes we are adding on our aircraft. Once all the changes have been completed we will be turning them on.

I’m sorry it didn’t live up to your expectations, but I do hope you will give our new seats a try when they are all in service early next year. We appreciate the opportunity to review your concerns and hope to welcome you aboard again soon.

Kind regards,