suggestion-positive stories not just complaints

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Verified Member
Sep 1, 2015
My understanding is this website is about helping others solve problems. So that's negative by definition and the +ive story is when someone gets a refund, their ticket is sorted out, etc. I see advice that will help others avoid problems in the first place...that's positive too!

Grant Ritchie

Dependable adequacy :-)
Oct 1, 2014
Hi John,

We do have positive stories... on the blog. Keep an eye out for Andrew Der's byline. He writes "The Good News Guy" column. Please check out his, "Someone at Quality Inn blows everyone's mind" piece this Thursday. I just edited it, and it's a knockout. :)



Verified Member
Jan 5, 2015
I've got one!

I recently moved and therefore had to set up, among other things, my electricity. That all went smoothly, and I accepted getting my bill emailed vs. paper copies. So I get an email with a bill amount but no bill attached. No big deal, but I need to set up my profile on their website to check, among other things, if my autopay went through and that requires both your account number and the latest statement ID...which I don't have since I didn't get a bill.

So I email customer service and ask for my statement ID, an electronic bill, or a paper bill and the loop I was in. And lo and behold, within hours I had my statement ID number. I set up my account, no problem, and was able to view my bill and everything else I needed.

That's not the positive story.

The next day I get an email from a supervisor, just checking to make sure I got on the website ok and was still happy with electronic billing. I assured her I was happy and thanked her for following up.

That's the way it should be, every time. Way to go, Black River Electric Cooperative.