Suffered wrist injury in hotel pool with wobbly safety railing but Choice Hotels isn't concerned.

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Aug 19, 2018
Choice Hotels, Comfort Suites East, Reynoldsburg, Oh.

I suffered a wrist injury entering the hotel pool on July 6, 2018 and completed an accident report, but Choice Hotels is ignoring the injury. I am still suffering physical pain from a torn ligament and disappointment at their brazen disregard for the injury from both the corporate and local management.

I tore a ligament in my left wrist as I stepped on something very slippery on the first step into the hotel pool and jammed my hand on the wall as I slid down all four steps on my back into the pool, into a group of children and their concerned mothers who asked if I was ok. The loose safety railing wobbled wildly and was of no use to stop the fall. I immediately completed a short form given me by the night desk clerk and a more detailed form when the manager arrived the next morning. I waited two weeks to receive some response showing concern for the injury and what the hotel would do about the railing. When I received no communication, I completed an online customer service inquiry to the corporate office, attaching a photo of my swollen hand and a video of the wobbly "safety" railing. Not wanting to blindside the hotel, I copied them on the email.

So far I have received several “corporate speak” responses but not a word from the local hotel. Corporate is "sorry that I did not enjoy my stay" and they “look forward to having me back at a Choice Hotel whenever my plans allow.” Their brazen disregard for not addressing the issue and my constant wrist pain has been very frustrating. Corporate customer service says that any response must come from the franchisee who has now ignored the incident and my injury for over seven weeks.

I am a long-time gold member of the Choice Hotel Rewards program and have generally been pleased with the locations, rooms and refreshments. Initially, a simple statement of concern and a promise to fix the railing would have sufficed. But after weeks of condescending replies from the corporate office and non-returned messages by the local franchise, I think a more tangible expression of goodwill to a long-time customer is warranted.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
This was a painful experience, I'm sure. But today's litigation-happy public is the reason you haven't heard anything from the hotel except canned bubble-speak. It's not that they don't care about you, but they're restricted by their insurance companies on how to respond to a guest's injury. There are so many people trying to beat the system now that nobody will make a move. They leave it all to the lawyers. Your status with Choice does not enter into this situation.

Gather up all your documents, medical evaluations, Xrays and whatever, and submit a claim to the hotel. Remember that they look at your claim as bogus unless you can furnish proof. This isn't because they're heartless, it's today's social climate. The hotel carries insurance for this kind of claim, but it's your responsibility to show them that you have a real injury that was caused by the hotel. Good luck and please let us know what transpires.