Success Using Contacts

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Jan 6, 2015
For privacy reasons, I can't share names, but I wanted to share another successful ending when using the Company Contacts ...

Today I emailed a cable company using the contacts provided here. Within hours I received and email and a follow up call to discuss all the details. The senior level tech (not my original contact) took notes, promised to address the many issues we experienced (this was an uncommon outage that kept us without service for 4 days) and credited us with one month's worth of internet service.

The email I sent was just 24 lines and 322 characters long, which is a result of the advice that I and others have received here: include the significant facts without emotion, even though I voiced our disappointment with the underlying cause and our concern about a repeat in the future.

So kudos to and all of you for the countless hours of help. The contacts and methods you share really can work ...
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