St. John’s VI cancelled

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Apr 2, 2018
I cancelled my trip last October because the hurricane hit. I am still working with the owners to receive my deposit back. They claim they only recieved a certain amount, and i have proof that they recieved the whole amount and only refunded me half. Im not sure where to go from here besides hop on a plane to the VI and confront them...

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Thru the owner of the home. They had the rental on VBO..thru emails then phone calls..
Ugh. Unfortunately you are stuck if you booked through VRBO. Did you pay the way VRBO advises you to pay? Did you use a credit card? What was the cancellation policy for the property?

Was the property damaged in the hurricane? What was the exact conversation between you and the owner in why they didn’t give you a full refund if they says they were going to?

We really need to know all details before we can tell you what you can do. Every property has cancellation and refund policy. Some are strict, some not.

If you didn’t follow these directions- you might be out of luck:
Apr 2, 2018
I spoke with the owners and they said they had a pay pal account. So i paid them thru pay pal. Pay pal did help me get 1/2 of my deposit back. (One of the two transactions i made to the owner) Now im trying to get the second payment back..