Sprint sent me to collections!!

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Mar 25, 2018
I switched from Sprint to AT&T back in Nov 2016 because I didn’t have good service and would have a lot of dropped calls. I spoke to Erjaia from customer service on Nov 10, 2016 and he told me what credits I would get back on each phone once I returned my phones which was $81.71, which I had no problem of paying and he would send me a return kit. After several phone calls to Sprints customer service letting them know I never received the kit they kept on saying they will send it to me. Several months later I end up getting a phone call from collections telling me I owe $1260.00 and I let her know the situation and she said that was not her problem and that was my problem and I needed to pay up! Is there anything I can do to dispute this off my credit report? Please help!
Mar 25, 2018
I still have phones and I was told I could not take them to the sprint store they would have to be mailed back through the return kit they were suppose to send me. I was also told from collections that my phones were not worth anything anymore.


Jan 6, 2015
the United States
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