Spirit won't honor vouchers issued for giving up seats on overbooked flight

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May 24, 2016
After reading all of this I further solidified any doubts in the minds of all I know who might ever consider flying Spirit to just not do it.

I am glad they fixed the issue but yeah what a pain that it had to be only because this group got involved. Think of how many customers get nothing and just have to accept that because they dont know about the Elliottsphere.

I would be inclined to --no, not send them a polite and calm letter asking for help, but rather I would blast them on employing tricky and scammy hidden marketing ploys designed to totally screw customers and then I would secretly wish ill on them and ask a voodoo specialist to cast spells. Then I would like to send a big, bling wearin' guy named Vinny I know to pay a visit... At least that is what I would be thinking of doing.

What I would really do is vent about my disgust here and hope we write more articles exposing this kind of tactic before it becomes popular.

Are airlines really going to somehow slip in new rules or new types of vouchers when we arent aware and make it so some of these can only be used like an award or other restricted ticket? Really? Is Spirit going to be the first to try this and then later release data showing a few successful redemptions and tales of satisfied customers who "want these enhancements?" Wow. Imagine when all the airlines catch on. Within the industry the execs would all be laughing and congratulating one another for saving even more money by ripping off more unsuspecting customers.

This is where we do need more regulation instead of always having to make it so people have to fight, find Elliotts, write and call, waste time, sue, suffer (that is what happens when things have not been previously and carefully and fairly regulated).

Like I said I am glad it worked out in the end but boy does this kind of thing get my blood boiling! The supposed "marketing folks" who even thought up this type of voucher should be shot.
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May 17, 2016
Actually, the reason is in the title of the thread: giving up seats on an oversold flight.

The airlines are encouraging passengers NOT to give up their seats in exchange for vouchers when they make them impossible to use! A well worn phrase comes to mind.........no good deed goes unpunished.
It's Spirit. No surprise there.