Spirit Airlines cancelation problems

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May 14, 2018
I book a Spirit Airline flight $650.00with a $59 member fee on April 7, 2018 for a flight mid June 2018. Within the 24 hrs, I tried to cancel the flight. Their webpage was down and I was unable. A few hours later, I tried again and now their webpage states my Free Spirit member number was not valid. I also looked at my banking information and did not see the flight charged. I thought the purchase did not go thru. It wasn't until May 7, 2018 when I got my statement that I noted the Spirit Airlines charges of $59 and $650. I tried again to confirm the cancelation online which was not working and noted a message on their web page there is a charge if you call them for assistance, so I followed up with an email. Their response is that it was not canceled within 24 hrs and now was not refundable. They were able to issue me a credit of $200 which had to be used by July 5 of which I have no use for, I indeed tried to cancel the flight within their time constraints, they admitting they update their web page at various hours of which it does not work, and then charge you for their services. I also was under the impression that signing up for their membership allowed me extra privileges for situations like this, of which it does not. I followed with additional emails with the above details, of which they did not acknowledge. I have placed a fraud alert with my bank however the refund is still not completed. I have asked for a full refund or a 6-month or 1-year time frame to use the credit, of which they will not acknowledge.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have company contacts on top of our page. Read the information on the main page on how to write and then start your writing campaign.

Why wouldn’t you pay a fee to make sure that you had a canceled reservation when you originally tried to cancel it? If it had actually been canceled- they wouldn’t have charged you. Thryvwould only charge if it wasn’t canceled.

Didn’t you get an email confirmation as soon as you booked?
Sep 19, 2015
Oh my -- was there any reason that you did not call by April 8th or send an email by April 8 to cancel? Did you actually receive a confirmation email with a ticket number?

Not all banks have real time updating on authorizations to cards. Charges can take a few days to post.

The fare club only gives access to lower fares and discounted baggage fees, no extended cancellations.

Honestly I would have paid the reservation fee or asked for it to be waived if the website was down -- anything to get the cancellation. What is problematic is that there was no attempt to check on reservation until the 7th of May, one month later --

I would hope that Spirit would extend the credit, I think you have a better chance with that then with a refund.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
It's so sad that people think that the internet is their friend. If electronic communication is not working, you MUST pick up the phone and take care of the issue. As you see, they're not going to refund because you couldn't cancel online and you didn't call within the 24-hour period. I hope our Company Contacts can help you get an exception to their rules.