Southwest is absolutely the best airline for customer service

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Oct 6, 2017
I made a mistake and thought I had cancelled a Southwest reservation. I received an email on the travel date that my reservation was cancelled as I was a no-show. I sent the email below to Jim Ruppel, vice-president of customer relations on that day , which was a Saturday. It explains the reason for my cancellation. Everything in the email is exactly what happened.
Re: Zane Greene
Dear Mr. Ruppel

I made this reservation to attend an important family affair in San Francisco. On Oct. 17 my wife who had previously had hip surgery suffered a failure of the titanium rod that was inserted in her hip and was in agonizing pain and was hospitalized. I obviously could not attend the family gathering and cancelled the air, hotel and auto rental reservations. I thought I cancelled the Southwest reservation but obviously did not as I received an email from Southwest on November 2nd that my reservation was cancelled and my fare payment forfeited. I remember going to your web page, attempting to cancel and reading that I would be able to use the fare for a year but the early bird fare was forfeited. I probably received ample reminders from Southwest but I did not have time to read my emails as I was caring for my wife who was in the hospital and later in a nursing home.
I don't know if Southwest makes allowance for stupid old customers but could you reinstate my fare so I could use it later to visit my family.
I know this is entirely my fault and should have been more careful but it was a very stressful time. I have attached scans of the cancellation of my hotel and auto rental reservations to show that I tried.

On the following Monday I received a phone call from Mr. Ruppel's assistant telling me that Southwest would refund the fare and the early bird fee. She was very sympathetic about my wife's problem.

Southwest could not be more helpful and show more care for it's customers in contrast to the cold response the larger airlines show.

Also thanks to the Elliott organization for teaching me how to write such a letter

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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Thanks so much for letting us know how we helped, Zane. You are obviously a great student! I hope that others reading this thread will see how taking responsibility for your errors is so important. Airlines are deluged with pleas for fixing something and most of them are blaming someone else for their mistakes. Good work, we're proud of you.
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Oct 6, 2017
I think you are all missing the point. It's Southwest you should be congratulating. They did the right thing quickly! My only contribution was to give Southwest the facts. What they did was to act like an airline that cares about its flyers. That is what is important. The only Airline that makes it easy to be a loyal customer. I don't know why travel writers don't pay more attention to Southwest. All they do is complain about how the boarding process works. I have news! It works fine, and for a measly $20 you can get at, or neat the front of the line.
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