Southwest Airlines Expiration Date of Travel Funds

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Jan 30, 2019
I purchased a ticket in March 2018 to travel to Denver. Southwest had a fair change and I received travel credit which would expire in March 2019. I booked a ticket in December 2018 and used the above travel funds and CHARGED the balance of my ticket on my Southwest Visa. I have had to cancel that trip and Southwest tells me all funds will expire on March 17, 2019.
In March 2018 they didn't even have the balance of my money that was charged in December, but are penalizing me and say their policy is "if you use travel funds all travel reverts to the date of the original booking."
They are a billion dollar company and I am retired and even a few dollars mean a lot. Has anyone had Southwest show good customer relations and alter that policy?
I have spent hours on the phone with agents, Customer Service and finally with someone in the "executive offices." I posted a complaint on the Southwest website and got a very lengthy response, but no help. Everyone says "sorry" but no budging. If I don't travel by March 17 I lose all of my money.
Thoughts and suggestions ? Or should I just kiss all of the money good by?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Southwest is correct- the funds expire a year from the date you booked your original trip and revert back to that if you cancel. The new booking doesn’t start a new time clock. They are also the most generous airline with things like this- remember if you book a non refundable flight, they don’t have to give you anything back.

SW will allow you to pay to extend the date on traver funds. I would suggest contacting then and doing it that way,
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Sep 19, 2015
Southwest does not charge change fees and in that way is much more customer friendly.

The airline reverts back to the original credit expiration date otherwise people could book and cancel a flight every year just to extend the credit. I suspect there are accounting reasons also not to keep these credits as long term liabilities

Yes SW is a multi-billion dollar company but it also carries hundreds of millions of passengers a year, employees over 50,000 people, and has aircrafts that cost tens of millions. That is irrelevant as is the fact that a person is retired.

There are ways to extend the credit and maybe a polite letter will get a brief extension or maybe pay for the 6 month extension.

I do understand that your situation is a bit different as this was a split payment ticket — travel funds and charge made in December. Is the December payment amount also given the earlier March expiration date.