SIXT disclosed my confidential information to a stranger and doesn't treat this situation seriously

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Jun 6, 2018
Hello everyone,
In February 2018 I rented a car in Lisbon (Portugal) for two days. After few weeks, I received a call from a stranger. This person, whose name turned out to be same as I have, informed me that Sixt employees were contacting him instead of me. Sixt employee used a wrong email address, not mine, and sent copies of the documents that contained confidential information to this person (whose name is like mine). These documents contained the following information:
• passport number;
• driving license number;
• my home address;
• cell phone number;
• part of credit card numbers.
Thus, Sixt employee disclosed my confidential information to a complete stranger. I immediately contacted Sixt. In the complaint, I asked to conduct a proper internal investigation to prevent similar cases in the future and explained how it happened in the first place.
After reviewing my complaint, the Sixt employee just offered a 30 euro voucher to compensate inconveniences. That’s it. I was shocked.
While reviewing emails from Sixt, I noticed that the person who disclosed my information is the same person who was dealing with my claim. It is an absurd situation. It became obvious to me that I should contact international customer service as the integrity of internal control in Sixt’s office in Portugal was compromised.
However, Sixt is highly difficult to contact since there is no international customer care phone number or e-mail. I used their contact form on the website but got no feedback. I was trying to call and find out what to do but no luck once again. At last, I searched LinkedIn and found a person whose position (according to LinkedIn profile) is Team Lead International Customer Service at Sixt. As you may guess, no answer to my letter.

Basically, Sixt employee in Portugal committed a serious offense, and there is no one at Sixt to address this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have company contacts on top of our pages for the Sixt American office. You can start a writing campaign and take it up to the Executives at Sixt but because this happened in Europe, they may not be able to help.

I suggest writing to them and asking who the corporate executives in Europe are that can address your concerns.
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